Why Are You Asking For These Permissions?

CoPromote works by connecting similar creators so they can amplify each other’s social posts. In order to match people effectively our algorithm, Affinity Rank, requires access to your timelines.

Granting apps permission to access your data is standard procedure with all social networks. The copy for each request is determined by the social network, not CoPromote. Below is an example of the permissions options Twitter offers developers. You can read more about Twitter’s permissions policy here and here.

CoPromote Twitter Permissions Request

Here is a breakdown of the permissions CoPromote requests and why.

Read tweets from your timeline

  • We read your tweets to see what kind of content you’re sharing so we can match you with people sharing similar content.

See who you follow and follow new people

  • We see who you follow so we can determine matches for you on CoPromote.
  • We do not follow people for you.

Update your profile

  • We do not update your profile.

Post Tweets on your behalf

  • We post tweets on your behalf but only when you click Share on CoPromote.
  • We never post anything on your timeline without that click or consent.

See your email address

  • To verify and locate your account on our CoPromote.
  • To verify that you have permission to connect the social networks you are connecting.
  • To help make it easy for you to invite fellow creators.
  • To contact you about the status of your account – who is sharing your posts, when you’re running low on reach, when your boost expires, etc.
  • To look up any charges for subscriptions and to generate receipts for subscriptions.

CoPromote was built by creators to help creators scale reach quickly and easily. It is in our community’s best interest to select the fewest and best permissions to keep the transactions flowing. We are a 100% opt-in community that takes privacy seriously, and we intend to keep it that way.