What Content Works Best?

Understanding how you can make your post stand out and get other people’s attention to share it is essential to your social media marketing success. Create or select an existing post from your social networks that will drive attention to your content.

100 characters is the sweet spot for grabbing the attention of new people to engage with your post and re-share it. Include a short description of the content you want to get boosted and a link to the content or media.

CoPromote boosts your existing social posts, so if you don’t have an engaging message to go along with the content you want to get shared, make sure to create your post first!

See our tips below for sharing a new social post:

Have a positive tone: Be approachable and friendly when describing your content so that new audiences will advocate your content more readily and be more receptive to checking it out.

Posts that contain links to media or a site with an image or gallery often perform better to increase additional shares and engagements to your content when it is reposted.

Share an image post or link to a blog post with images. Images that pop out and attract attention can cut through the walls of text on a newsfeed when your post is shared. Pair images with a solid call to action to get some great results.

Create a discussion in your post that will allow visitors to comment on a media post to drive engagement and virality to your content.

Consider adding a hashtag or two that relates to your content if promoting from a Twitter account. Include your Twitter handle so others know where the content came from and can follow you back.

If you are promoting something time-sensitive, such as an event, contest, or offer, include the deadline in your post and know your timeframe before boosting it on CoPromote to get the most shares before it ends.

Here are a few examples:

How is @CoPromote free to use? We leverage your followers & sharing activity. #Reach More info http://copromote.com

RT @NickyDigital Join me! DL @Wendr and plan the #BestNightOut to become featured. {Link URL} #free #app

Like alternative music? Check out (ARTIST NAME) and get a free track. {Link to URL/i.e. SoundCloud track} #songofthesummer #alternative

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