What Is Reach?

Reach is CoPromote’s virtual currency and value proposition for earning new social shares and reaching new audiences for posts you boost on our platform.

When other members share your post, you pay for that social share with Reach. Your currency balance is automatically adjusted proportionate to the number of new fans that will be reached for each person that shares your post.

1 Reach = 1 New Fan Reach
10,000 Reach = 10,000 New Fan Reach

The more Reach you have, the greater the opportunity of getting new shares by other members, increased fan reach and engagements, and to run more successive promotions on CoPromote. CoPromote incentivizes all members to share new content to build their influencer network and reach more audiences without spending any real money.

Earn Reach for your boosted posts by sharing new posts, inviting your friends, or upgrading to one of our membership plans such as the Pro plan.

Every time you share another member’s post, you earn Reach. The amount of Reach earned is based on the number of followers you have for Twitter and Tumblr and number of new engagements – Likes, Comments, Clicks, and Shares – your shared post receives for Facebook.