How Do I Share Other Members’ Posts?

To share a post from another CoPromote member on your social network, go to the Share queue and find a post you like.

Note: If you’re a new free member, you will need to share one post before you can boost your own. Paid subscribers can start sharing right away.

Click “Share” from the top menu to see fresh new content to share to your followers.


Choose a social network and filter from the drop down.

  • You can choose to see posts from suggested members or members you follow.
  • You can also choose to see posts from all your social networks that are connected to CoPromote.
  • You can also adjust your interests by selecting topics from the sidebar.


3) Check out the link in any posts that seem interesting to make sure the content will be relevant to your audience.



4) Confirm you want to share a post by clicking the share button (Retweet for  Twitter, Feature for YouTube, Reblog for Tumblr, Revine for Vine).

  • The number next to the share button is your current number of followers and how many Reach credits you will earn when you share a given post.
  • Don’t like something? Just click the arrow on the top right hand corner of the post, leading to a menu of options to get rid of a post.
  • You cannot cross-post from one social network to a different one. All shares are network-to-network, so Twitter posts only share to Twitter.



What is the incentive to share?

  • Sharing posts by other members will increase the visibility of your own boosts in other members’ share queues. The more times your content is viewed, the more likely it is to be shared.
  • Members who have shared your post once are over 90% more likely to support you again. Adding these members to your CoPromote network means they will see all posts each time you boosts. It also increases the likelihood they’ll add you to their networks and see your posts more often that others.
  • Every time you share another member’s post you earn Reach based on your follower count, increasing the fan reach for every post your boost.
  • Sharing posts by other CoPromoters feeds our algorithm and surfaces more of the better content quickly, making it easier for everyone to curate their share queues with content. It helps our community and spreads the word for that member and you.

Note: posts you share to your timelines should not be deleted after posting. Doing so will result in a deduction of Reach to reimburse the member whose post you deleted. It may also result in your own boosted posts failing to get shared. Excessive deletions of shared posts are a violation of community guidelines and may ultimately result in your account being closed or your social networks being banned from CoPromote.

Tip: Only share content your followers will appreciate. Don’t share irrelevant content or overshare, as this may overwhelm your followers and overshadow your own content.