How Do I Manage My CoPromote Subscription Using Apple ID?

To subscribe to CoPromote using Apple devices you will need to go through Apple.

  1. Check under Settings on your iPhone or under your iTunes profile.
  2. Using your Apple ID, Apple will process your subscription and notify CoPromote of your status.
  3. Note: All members are responsible for managing their own accounts and subscriptions. In the case of Apple specifically, CoPromote can not update Apple subscriptions or process refunds due to the way their system is set up.

You  can find information on managing your subscription via mobile or desktop devices on Apple’s support page: HERE.

To check your member status on CoPromote, you can always look under Settings in the Subscription tab. Login here:

iphone6-ios9-settings-itunes-and-app-store-manage-subscriptions  mac-apple-music-sign-in-account-info