How Do I Boost And Get My Content Shared?

CoPromote boosts your existing social posts, so make sure you have created the message you want re-shared as a Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, or Vine to post.

Content you created and shared on platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and WordPress cannot be shared directly on CoPromote. Create a custom message on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, or Vine you want other people to share. See What Post Content Works Best?

1. Create your message on your connected Twitter, Tumblr, Vine or YouTube page if it is not already posted. We pull in your latest posts to get boosted so it should be recently posted.

Create your message on the network you want it to get shared to:

 Twitter tweets will only get shared to other Twitter pages.
Tumblr blog posts will only get shared to other Tumblr blogs.
YouTube videos will only get featured on other YouTube videos. 
Vines will only be revined on other Vine accounts.

2. Select your post to boost from your connected page. Click the “Boost new post” button or “Boost” from the top menu.

3. Select your target category so we can match you with members who have similar interests to share your post and get your post shared to the right audiences. Select up to 1-2 subcategories that best matches the content you’re interested to promote. Once you’ve selected your categories, just click “Boost”.

See the full list of available target categories

4. Share another member’s post under “Share” to launch your post and have other members start sharing your posts. Make sure to update your profile interests to find relevant and interesting content to share to your own followers. You will need to share at least one other member’s post to launch yours for boosting.