How Do I Adjust My Subscription Plan?

Members can manage their subscription plans under Settings in the top right corner of your CoPromote dashboard the next time you login.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 5.24.03 PM To access your plan and downgrade or upgrade as necessary, simply do the  following:

  • Login to your CoPromote account
  • Check Settings in the top right corner under your avatar
  • Look for the Manage Subscription tab.
  • To subscribe, pick a plan you like.
  • To downgrade to the basic plan, click Change Plan and select Basic. On the next billing date, your account will convert to the free plan and there will be no additional charges going forward.
  • To upgrade to a new plan, click Change Plan and contact Community Support. We will help you upgrade your subscription.

Members are responsible for managing their own accounts and subscriptions. Should you have any trouble or additional questions, please reach out: