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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CoPromote?

CoPromote is a free co-marketing cross-promotion platform that helps content creators promote their social media to new audiences on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks. Our community includes musicians, artists, bloggers, brands, businesses, designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, tastemakers, and more.

CoPromote scales reach and engagements by getting a social post re-shared by like-minded members of the community. Select a post you want shared, launch it, and influencers can share it with their followers instantly. CoPromote let's you track your results. See who has shared your content and where they've shared it. The great thing is that each time you share somebody else's content, you earn more reach points. 

Join CoPromote to grow your network and share fresh content with your followers. It’s quick, simple, and effective!

What happened to the old site?

The short answer is that we really don't know and we're not connected to the old site. There's a short blog post about this as well.

How Many Posts Can I Share?

You can share up to 5 posts per day.

Why is there a limit?

We limit the number of shares you can make per day to ensure that people are sharing content they really like, not just sharing content to earn reach points (which is prohibited). Everybody wins when like-minded people share their favorite content with their followers.

How do I get started?

1. Create a new account on CoPromote (it only takes a few seconds).

2. Select "Launch" from the main menu. 

3. Choose a social network to connect and see your recent feed (or create a new post on CoPromote). Pick the post you want to launch.

4. Your campaign goes live. It will remain live for 14 days, unless you stop it to launch a different post.

5. Share other people's posts to help increase your reach. People can only share your posts when you have reach points. You get a reach point for each follower you share somebody's content with, and lose a reach point for each follower someone else shares your content with.

6. Keep an eye on your share results under "Track" in the main menu.

7. Don't forget to create an original username (replace the default username you are assigned) so you can be seen on the Community page. It's another great way to build your network.

What Is Reach?

Reach is the karma currency of CoPromote. When you share content or someone else share's content, your reach balance is automatically adjusted proportionate to the number of followers that will be reached. If you're sharing someone else's content, you gain reach points. If someone else is sharing your content, you lose reach points.

1 Reach = 1 Follower Reach

10,000 Reach = 10,000 Followers Reach

If you have a higher reach balance, you have a greater opportunity to get new shares by other members and increase your engagements. CoPromote incentivizes all members to share content to build their influencer network and audiences without spending any real money.

You can also get reach by upgrading to one of our Pro Membership plans.

How Do I Launch My Content and Get It Shared?

CoPromote allows you to launch content from your social network feeds, so be sure you have something posted on a supported social network that you want to get shared out. The option also exists to create a new post on CoPromote if you prefer. If your favorite social network isn't supported, you can create a custom post on one that is.

1. Create a post on a supported social network or on CoPromote.

2. Choose the post you want others to share from the "Launch" page. Note that not all posts can bet shared across networks. For instance, a Facebook page post cannot be shared on Twitter.

3. Select a category for your posts and 1-3 tags. This will help other users find it.

4. For an additional fee, you can also choose to feature your post. Featured posts are rotated in a prominent position and have unlimited reach for the duration of their Featured run.

How Many Posts Can I Launch?

If you have a free account, you can launch one post in a 14-day period. However, you are allowed to stop that post and launch a different one at any time. Pro Members can launch more than one post at a time, subject to the limitations of their membership plans.

How Do I Share Other Members' Posts?

To share a post from another CoPromote user on your social network, just visit the "Share" page. Posts with a "Share" button can be shared. Click or touch the button and choose the network you want to share to. Just like that, you've shared out content. Be sure that the content is something you want to share with your followers.

Note: New users get a small amount of reach, but it won't last long. Share posts often to get more reach.

What is the Incentive to Share?

You earn reach points when you share content, giving you the opportunity to grow your network. When you make a share, users you helped promote are more likely to follow you on CoPromote. Sharing content can also feel good as you help people discover great new content.

How Do I Track My Progress?

You can see how many shares and likes you have under "Track" on the main menu. Click or touch the "Details" button on the campaign to see where your content was shared and who shared it. You can also see who liked your post. 

What are Share Ratings?

When you view details for a campaign on the "Track" page, you'll see all of the shares you've received for the campaign. You can rate each share by selecting between 1 and 5 stars. When you give a share a rating of 3 or more stars, the person who made the share gets a reputation point. 

How Do I Stop A Campaign?

Campaigns you launch are live for 14 days. If you want to stop a campaign early for any reason, just visit the "Track" page and click the "close" icon in the upper right of the campaign you want to stop. The post will no longer appear on the "Share" page.

Why Do You Need Permissions?

In order to allow you to see your social network feeds and post content to your social media through CoPromote, our app requires certain permissions from you. Permissions will vary by network, but generally our app needs the ability to read your posts and write to your pages. Granting apps permission to access your data is standard procedure with social networks.

Why Can’t I Connect My Social Media Page?

If you can't connect your social media account, make your your page is visible and public.

What if I Have Multiple Pages on my Social Account?

If you have more than one social network page, you will be prompted to select the page you want to post to. For example, if you have two Facebook business pages, you will see a prompt asking you to select the page you want to share to. CoPromote must have permission to access that page.

Why Can't I Use My Personal Facebook Profile?

Facebook made changes to its API restricting access to personal pages. Facebook will only work on CoPromote if you have created at least one business page.

Why Is The Share Button Disabled?

If a user is out of Reach points or their campaign has finished, you won't be able to share their campaign through CoPromote. We still show these posts so you can view their profile pages and follow them if you would like.

How Do I Search and Connect with Members?

Check out the "Community" page to find other members. Introduce yourself to them to help build up new connections. You can introduce yourself to one new person per day. When you introduce yourself to someone, you will automatically follow them. If they follow you back, you can freely message whenever you want.

We impose a limit of one introduction per day to prevent overwhelming any particular user with requests.

Where Can I Find CoPromote’s Community Guidelines?

CoPromote’s Community Guidelines can be found on our blog here.

What Content Works Best?

Sharing the right content is important to your social media marketing success. Create or choose a post from your social networks that will drive attention to your content.Content that will appeal to many people is more likely to be shared. Images and other media can help draw interest.

How Do I Purchase Additional Reach?

You can purchase a membership plan that inclues Reach and other benefits from the "Go Pro" page. You can also feature your campaign to enjoy unlimited reach for the duration of the featured run.

Why Was My Account Suspended Or Banned?

If your account is banned (or closed and you didn't close it), it is likely due to a violation of our policies. Some of the reasons why your account can be closed include, but are not limited to:

  • Sharing content that violates policies
  • Connecting accounts that have excessive fake followers
  • Deleting posts after they’re shared or gaming the system in any way
  • Ignoring repeated warnings against service violations
  • Violating the spirit of the service
  • Creating more than one account

How Do I Close My Account?

You can close your account in Account Settings under "Membership and Account". Click or touch "Deactivate My Account" to close your account. You will be asked to confirm. Once you close your account, it cannot be reopened.

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