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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

CoPromote is for creators of new things they want to promote. Before you post something, ask yourself if your content is entertaining, compelling, visually appealing, and well-presented. The more thought you put into what you post, the better it will do on CoPromote.

A big reason why we all use social media is to promote our creations - music, films, podscasts, books, brands. When you post on CoPromote, you want to give people a reason to share it. Remember, you're asking them to tell their followers that your content is worth checking out. The bottom line is that low quality content won't go far.

So here are the guidelines for what you should and should not promote on CoPromote:

Content You Can Promote on CoPromote

  • Music – songs, mixes, demos
  • Podcasts: talk shows, spoken word
  • Photos, Videos, and Animation – art, humor/pranks, How-To, DIY, beauty, fashion
  • Books: Novels, short stories, self-published fiction, comics and graphic novels, essays, blog posts, critical reviews, think pieces
  • Causes: information about charities, non-profits, NGOs, crowd-funding, social awareness
  • Health & Well-being: training tips, lifestyle coaching, diet/cooking tips, psychological services
  • Entertainment or educational websites
  • Apps and Games

Content You Shound Not Promote on CoPromote

  • Content that promotes hate, violence, or discrimination
  • Spam, phishing, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, get rich quick/make money at home offers, gambling sites
  • Selling guaranteed/fake followers/views, music or video plays
  • Direct or affiliate sales, sales landing pages, SEO pages, multi-level marketing
  • Diet pills, male enhancement, miracle cures and other questionable health products
  • Black hat content that is loaded with SEO keywords and aimed at search engines
  • SEO of any kind
  • Content from bots, or accounts with excessive fake followers or low engagement
  • Adult, not work-friendly, XXX content
  • Illegal activity

To ensure the best experience for everyone, content considered inappropriate by CoPromote staff or the community will be removed.

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