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Featured CoPromoter: Aaron Sanchez, Radio Personality & TV Host

Aaron Sanchez, host of the NEW Morning Show on ABC News Radio KMET 1490AM and creator/co-host of “The Hollywood Social Lounge“, is our CoPromoter of the week! With Sanchez’s ambitious drive and tenacity for hosting, there was no question that he would find an abundant amount of success. Read our exclusive interview with Aaron Sanchez below, and find out how he made his way up the entertainment business:



1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into radio and hosting?

About 8 years ago I was working a sales job, and although I did well at it, I always felt I wanted to do something more.  About that same time I found myself at a specialized chiropractor’s office in Huntington Beach.  In that same building was The Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting. One day I just walked in and asked for a tour and thought wow so this is how they get the training!  Even then though I didn’t have the self belief that I could ever be in radio. I figured at that time perhaps I could do at least voiceovers and perhaps could start to make a demo-tape, but didn’t know where I could do so.  It was at that time that I reached out to a family member family member who I knew was around those in entertainment.  He asked me to come in to do sales and PR for his non-profit organization and said he could make a recommendation to someone he knew.  It was at his non-profit that I met a dear family member, who I affectionately call my Tio in Spanish “Uncle” Jose Luis Sedano, who immediately recommended that I step in front of the camera rather than stay behind it.  From that day on he said he would join me on Red Carpet interviews and would be open to any idea I was crazy enough to try.  We put up the interviews on YouTube which eventually the Bureau Chief of NBC News Radio KCAA saw our entertainment interviews and asked me to do a 10 minute weekly entertainment segment.  Since I had already been creating content for online and television at the time from the red carpet, I was eventually given an opportunity to create a full one hour weekly radio show featuring some of the existing content our team had been creating which then allowed us to bring our guests in studio.  We have since re-developed the show to what is known today as The Hollywood Social Lounge which since has been moved to ABC News Radio KMET.  That in turn has led to a variety of hosting jobs including a new TV series called “Barcode Success” which takes a Celebrity, Millionaire or Billionaire and teams them up with an average  “John Q Public” for a day, giving us an insider glimpse into the lives of amazing people.


2) What is “The Hollywood Social Lounge“?

The Hollywood Social Lounge features the very best of Hollywood including Film, TV and Music. From Indie Film to major blockbusters we’ve covered both on the Red Carpet and off with Celebrity and Filmmaker interviews.



3) Being an Executive Producer at ABC News Radio, what does your day consist of? What is your favorite part of your job?

In addition to the Hollywood Social Lounge I also Host and produce daily the Morning Show which consists of reaching out and getting exciting guests that we know our audience will appreciate.  With so many new listening capabilities for example Soundcloud, TuneIn, Livestream, I also oversee the edits of the audio by combining to video so that we can reach our social media audience on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.  In helping the owners and management at the station, I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to get more listeners and audience to tune-in both regionally and nationally.  That’s how I came across CoPromote!


4) What advice would you give to people who want to delve into being a radio personality and television host?

There is a lot that I’ve had to learn by being hands on and learning from others as I’ve taken on in this career.  I always recommend people to get the schooling to teach you the how to get in radio and television.  That type of training is amazing to start from.  Yet no matter whether you’ve had the education or not, surround yourself with people that are willing to teach you what you don’t learn.  I’ve said that the years I’ve spent in radio thus far have been my own education.  Also I recommend for hosts to think like producers.  Start creating your own projects.  Even if your first doesn’t see the light of day, you will have learned more in that experience through the process of doing.  Surround yourself with people that get it and see your vision.  Also, be a person of good character because many of your future jobs will come through friends or past employees you’ve worked with that want to help open the door to your next possible venture.  

5) Have you found any other creatives through CoPromote whose work you currently follow?

Yes!  I’ve found many creatives especially authors and entrepreneurs this way that understand Social Media is another very important communication tool and I enjoy following each one as they generate more great new content.  I believe we’ve even featured one on our Morning Show.

You can find Aaron on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
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Featured CoPromoter: Fitness Expert Julia Buckley

If you are like us, getting concrete results from a diet or exercise is tougher than that steak you tried to cook last week.  From #MotivationMonday to #TransformationTuesday, social media is full of inspiration and tips for getting fit. Health and fitness expert Julia Buckley uses the power of the internet to help a community of people change their lives with her online gym. Her program combines proven techniques that have had great results for many people. We caught up with her to ask her inspiration and drive, fitness tips, and how she uses CoPromote!

1. What type of creator are you?

In essence I just want to help as many people as possible enjoy the amazing life-enhancing benefits that being physically fit brings. I love the idea of playing even a small part in changing the condition of people’s bodies, and therefore changing lives across the world, most of whom I’ll never even hear from, let alone meet. It gives me such a kick to know I’m reaching thousands of people every day with the content I create. I’m most active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I produce almost every kind of content – articles, blog posts, videos, images, print books, ebooks, snappy tips, etc.


2. What made you want to become a fitness trainer?

My background is in media and as my own passion for fitness grew, I found myself drawn more and more to jobs where I had the chance to share it with other people. I was the editor of a magazine for runners for a couple of years and I wrote articles for all the major fitness magazines here in the Britain. I originally took a course to qualify as a personal trainer just to get a bit more authority as a fitness writer and build my knowledge. But I found coaching people so rewarding I ended up doing some personal training alongside being a fitness writer.

In 2012 I got a book deal with Bloomsbury (one of Britain’s top publishers) and started work on my first print book The Fat Burn Revolution. To test out and refine the 12-week program I outlined in the book I wanted to gather a test group of people who would follow the program from written instructions (so they’d have a similar experience as readers) and share the experience with me. So I put the word out on social media that I was looking for testers, gathered a suitable group and set up a private Facebook group. Along with supplying the program details, I ended up coaching the group through it. The transformations they achieved in the 12 weeks were phenomenal!

Their friends saw the change in them and got in touch with me asking if I could do the same for them; things sort of snowballed and that’s basically how I accidentally got into online fitness coaching! About a year later, I was doing it full time and after about 18 months numbers got so large that it was getting difficult to keep up with everyone in the Facebook group. That’s when became clear that I needed my own private members website.

In 2014 I launched my Online Gym  where I now have a library of over 100 workout videos. I offer personal advice and support via the forums. Plus they’re each assigned a virtual workout buddy from among a group of long term members who’ve been training with me for years (with fantastic results) and they also have access to library of healthy recipes, pep talk videos and more.

3. What makes your fitness program different than the rest?

My online gym is much more than a fitness program. There are several different fitness programs members can choose from, or they can follow a rolling weekly schedule featuring new workouts almost every week. The level of personal support from myself, members can talk to me every day on the forums if they want to, and the camaraderie between the members in the community, makes it completely unique. I’m so proud of we’ve built in the online, it’s something absolutely remarkable which is having a huge positive impact on the lives of the members.


4. How has CoPromote helped your brand?

I love CoPromote! It helps me reach people far outside my circles. Plus it allows me to find and share relevant content that I’d never normally come across.

5. Can you give us 3 tips on staying fit?

  1. Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. via @juliabfit @copromote Tweet This.

    Some people try to find motivation by beating themselves up about the condition of their bodies. This is actually demotivating and makes them feel like crap! I’ve found that once people start allowing themselves to feel good about the positive steps they’re making, it really accelerates their progress. The better we feel about our bodies, the more we want to look after them. And, the more we look after our bodies, the better we feel about bodies. And our progress snowballs as it goes on. It’s a wonderful thing!

  1. Go Harder. For maximum fat-burning, body-sculpting results, forget steady types of exercise that you can maintain for long periods. You need varied, intense workouts that leave you totally spent—ideally in less than an hour. My motto is “go harder, not longer”. When people are used to long training sessions it can take a while for them to learn to really go all-out for shorter durations, they’re so used to holding back so they can keep going. But with practice they find that extra gear and start to build more explosive fitness, which does amazing things for their bodies.
  1. Go Heavy. A lot of people think that the best way to shed fat is by doing lots of steady cardio. You can lose fat that way, but it’s not the optimal type of training for fat loss. By adding muscle to your body you will burn more fat all of the time as well as improving your shape.

To keep in touch with Julia, follow her on twitter, instagram and youtube! You can check out Julia and other fitness gurus on CoPromote!

Snapchat CoPromote

The 5 Best Snapchat Updates To Use

The Snapchat 2.0 update is live and direct! Although there are constant Snapchat updates (more specifically with their lenses), Snapchat 2.0 has added many features to help broaden the dynamics of the app itself. We at CoPromote have made a list below of our five favorite updates!

1) Lenses: Old and New

The first step to these lenses, is knowing how to access them.

  1. Place the camera on selfie-mode.
  2. Tap on your face and hold until a white outline of your face appears, then release.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, a list of lenses will appear and as you scroll left at the bottom more lenses should appear.
  4. Once you press on one…magic happens.

The same Snapchat lenses used to be available on a day-to-day basis. Then Snapchat introduced the idea of selling the lenses to users. NOW, we get a new lens every day! Don’t worry, if you bought a lens it will always be available to you.

2) Video & Audio Notes

Video notes now let you record 10 seconds of video that loop when your friend watches your message!

Audio notes let you record audio to respond to Snapchatters when you don’t necessarily feel like typing or sending video notes. As a bonus, there are also 100 reaction stickers unique to Snapchat!

3) Video Chats/Voice calls

Watch out WhatsApp! Snapchat has arrived. You are now able to make a phone call (voice call) or video call (video chat) to people within your Snapchat network. If a friend video calls you, you have the option to either watch or join. While watching the other person, they cannot see or hear you but you can send them text responses.

The same applies to voice calls. You have the option to either listen to or join in on the conversation, while always having text responses available to you.

Jorge Snap 2

Open a conversation with a friend on Snapchat (or begin one), and once you tap on the message box you will see five icons appear. The second icon is the “Voice Call” button, and the fourth icon is the “Video Chat” button. Try it out and see how it works for you!

4) Sending multiple photos in Chat 2.0 at once

There is no longer a single photo limit to the amount of pictures you can send! When sending a snap, click on the photo icon on the far left. You may select up to 10 photos to send. There’s no limit to a snap.

Jorge Snap

5) Sending photos during video and audio calls

We had to test this option out as soon as we read about it because, for some reason, we didn’t believe it. Lo and behold, it worked! If you are connected to a WiFi network and you’re on a phone call, you can go straight to your Snapchat and snap away. You won’t even have to put your friend on hold while you snap.

There you have it. CoPromote’s five favorite Snapchat updates. Follow us on Snapchat for our latest snaps and stories!

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Featured CoPromoter: Chef Bruce Beck, Video Interview

Bruce Beck is a chef, entrepreneur, teacher, and author. Bruce has taught at “The New School” for over 25 years, owned two restaurants, written two books, and has now started his own cooking show/blog on YouTube called Bruce Beck In The Kitchen. As a special Featured CoPromoter treat, Bruce has featured us on his cooking show for our very first video interview! Click to watch the clip on YouTube or watch and read the transcript below for some of his social marketing tips!

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you into the culinary world?

I’m glad you asked that question. My favorite subject! One of the strangest things I have done in my food career—which started with baking cookies in 1978—is the subject of this week’s post at So please be sure to view that.
Basically, I came to New York for love and to be in theatre. But when auditions proved too daunting, I turned to my other passion—cooking. I had always cooked, and I waited tables to put myself through graduate school and always loved restaurants. So a career in food was not a stretch. But I could not have guessed the range of activities that followed: cookies, catering, teaching, writing, books, blogs, chocolate truffles, TV, department stores, Mexican restaurants, and a camera in hand through most of it.


2. You taught culinary at The New School for over 25 years. What was the most important thing you wanted to teach your students and why?

Classes, like my blog posts and YouTube videos, are always about good food and solid, safe technique to create it, the sheer pleasure of being able to step into the kitchen and efficiently create a satisfying meal. But at the heart of it all, for me, has always been a profound respect for the ingredients and the cooks who have discovered what to do with them—all over the world, through all the centuries of the human experiment. That reverence for the process and its roots has always driven my culinary passions and my need to share what I have learned. I cannot speak for other teachers, but my need to connect the dots has always been central.

3. How did you get into writing your books?

My love of language developed with my love of good cooking. They are inseparable! I always wrote—recipes, historical tidbits, technique clarifications. Then when a student of mine recommended me to a publishing house that was seeking a writer for a beautiful coffee table book, I auditioned. They hired me. That was PRODUCE: A FRUIT AND VEGETABLE LOVERS’ GUIDE. I never looked back. THE OFFICIAL FULTON FISH MARKET COOKBOOK was my own idea, and it represents about four years of hard work. And since then I have written many hundreds of recipes, for school, blogs, and businesses. And I always have a few other projects in the works, too. I’ll keep you posted about the progress of my new novel!


4. Can you tell us about the restaurants you owned, and how you used to promote them?

If I had known how to promote in the last decade, I might still be running one of my Mexican restaurants or my chocolate truffle business. Taco Sueño was a casual eatery across from Einstein Med School, followed by Yucatán, a big, beautiful restaurant nearby. Both of them had great food and a great look.  And they each had loving and loyal customers. My hand-rolled chocolate truffles ( were the best I will every taste as long as I live. But among the poor business decisions I made through the years, the fatal flaw in each project turned out to be a lack of marketing focus.

5. Do you have any tips to give to other chefs regarding branding/marketing themselves?

Get some help! Food is a full time job, what with the requirements of creating recipes, sourcing ingredients, and seeing to it that every plate is consistent. While we are used to taking on extra jobs—worrying about Con Edison, table linens, staffing, deliveries, and the like—it is truly impossible to do everything. Seek out another pair of eyes and another pair of hands to help you turn your vision into a consistent brand, and then to manage getting the word out to potential—and existing—customers. Build trust with a marketing genius who is not afraid of hard work, and you will be glad you did!


You may subscribe to Bruce Beck’s cooking show on YouTube, or follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

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3 Instagram Updates You Should Be Aware Of-2

3 Instagram Updates You Should Know About

Instagram launched on October 6th, 2010 and has accumulated over 400 million users in the past 5 1/2 years. The success is legendary – within its first two months of being active, it had 1 million active users. Since its launch, however, Instagram has undergone several changes and updates.

Below, we’ve listed three new updates that Instagram has announced or made live within the last two months you should know about.


New Algorithm


The social web was in a frenzy when everyone found out Instagram’s algorithm would alter the way posts show up on your timeline. Instead of showing you posts in a timed chronological order, Instagram will begin to show the most popular posts at the top of each feed. Don’t fret, it will not be implemented for months and they are asking for feedback on why they should or shouldn’t go live with this update. If you oppose it, voice your opinion. If you don’t, you just might see the change you’re looking forward to.

This announcement resulted in people making infographics pointing to the top righthand corner of each post (towards the settings button) stating “Turn on Notifications”, “Turn Me On”, and more. Turning on notifications for specific people will alert your phone every time they post a photo/video on instagram. Turn them on at your own risk.


15 Seconds to 60 Seconds

Instagram has announced that they will be extending the length of a video post from 15-second clips to clips that are one minute long. They stated that video views have increased by 40 percent in the last 6 months in their blog post.

They have already begun rolling out this update. Along with extending the length of video time, they will allow iOS users to clip video footage together through your camera roll. Get ready for more camera time, and getting to know those you follow a bit more intimately :)


Account Switching



In early February, Instagram announced that account switching was available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android. I want to thank Instagram personally for making this option available.

This makes managing several accounts much easier, being available with just one tap instead of having to continuously sign out and sign back in! This is definitely one feature that will be used frequently.

To make this feature available: “Go to your profile settings to add an additional account. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts. Once you have multiple accounts added, you’ll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one you’re using at the moment.” – Instagram

Aside from the updates, here’s a fun fact: Instagram was made in 8 weeks! Enjoy this great infographic timeline below by Anna Vital.


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