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Featured CoPromoter: Jazz Singer-Songwriter Kosi

CoPromote is a great platform to find and connect with a variety of music creators. Jazz has been making a big comeback in today’s music scene and this week’s featured CoPromoter has been lighting up New York City with her passionate and powerful combination of Blues, Jazz, and Rock. We sat down with Kosi and asked her a few questions about her music, influences and relationship with social media – check it out below!Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.26.12 PM

1. What type of creator are you?
I am a jazz singer-songwriter. I write songs, I self-produce albums, I produce live shows, and I create music videos. There’s more information about me and what I’m up to on my website:

2. Who inspires your music?
My main influences are Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln, but I’m inspired by New York, the city I live in. I’m equally inspired by the collaborative, virtuosic, “grown-folks-music” style of jazz in Harlem, and the introspective folk/pop singer-songwriters in the West Village.

3. How do you use CoPromote?
I use CoPromote to find more interesting material to keep my social media profiles lively, and also to increase the reach of my most important messages, like my album releases. It makes it much easier for a single-person operation to keep on top of my social media game AND increase my potential audience on an extremely limited budget.

4. Have you found any other musicians on CoPromote?
There are lots of fantastic musicians on CoPromote! I don’t limit myself to only sharing the work of other musicians, though. I’ve found some fantastic poets, bloggers, photographers, and visual artists as well.

5. What is one song of yours that you feel best captures your aesthetic?
That’s a difficult question, haha! As a jazz musician, I am versatile and my songs tend to be disparate. I can give you two:
Brianna (live at the Harlem Flophouse) –
I Already Know (official music video) –


You can hear more from Kosi on her official website and make sure to follow her on CoPromote for more great music!

Mobile App Updates: Follow, Better Previews, More Stats!


We’ve updated our mobile app with a Follow feature, better content previews, and a sharp Profile page that shows you all your relevant Stats at a glance.

New Profile page with Activity Stats, Audience Overview

  • Audience Overview: The social networks you have connected and how many followers you have on each of those networks.
  • Boosts: Posts that you have boosted and how frequently they fall into a given category.
  • Shares: How many times you’ve shared other CoPromoter’s posts. This is good Karma and you earn credits to boost more of your own. Plus, it’s why we will built CoPromote, so good on you!
  • Recent Activity: Last time you used the app to boost or share posts.
  • Customizable Profile: Update your avatar and background so they match your socials.
  • Followers and Following: These are your connections on CoPromote. These are similar creators with whom you’ve exchanged posts. Members who share each other’s posts once are over 90% likely to do it again.
  • Follow Button: Add any member you like to your network by following them, even if you haven’t exchanged posts with them.


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Product Update: Find Your Favorite CoPromoters!

Great news, CoPromoters!

You asked for a way to find your favorite users, and now you got it: Find Users is now live on desktop. Search by account name or brand and add them to your network. Click the Follow button to add them to your network. Once they’re in your network, you will see all their boosted posts in your share queue. If we can’t find a direct match, we’ll suggest similar members that could help spread your content.

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Featured CoPromoter: Social Change Advocate Kiersten Marek

The internet is a great platform to voice your ideas and advocate for social change. Kiersten Marek, writer for news website Inside Philanthropy, uses CoPromote to spread her knowledge and connect with other like minded individuals. Using real life experience, she brings different perspective on many issues. Check out the chat we had with Kiersten below about her content, and the issues she is most passionate about!


 Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.39.36 PM


1. What kind of creator are you?
I like to think I’m a creator of social change — someone who helps our culture articulate its hopes and fears and find ways to create a better society. The way I do that is through writing. Currently I’m a Senior Editor for Inside Philanthropy, a news website created by David Callahan. To say I am fascinated with this work would be an understatement.


2. Where do you get your ideas for your articles?
My content often grows kind of organically out of the real world. I’m a clinical social worker by day and a writer by night, so I get many of my ideas from what I see around me in my work. A family will come to me for help with adopting a much older child, for example, and it will prompt me to start researching this special problem, and sometimes I’ll realize there’s a story there about which foundations are funding adoption work, what programs are out there to help these families, and what we are doing on the national level to address the issues.


3. How do you use CoPromote?
I use CoPromote to find my base of like-minded folks. We all need help from other people who understand what we are talking about and, through support or discussion or debate, help us refine our ideas. I love how CoPromote is divided into distinct sections for promoting material. So, for example, when I wrote about LGBT funding in the tech world recently, I could reach out to fellow Co-Promoters through the Lifestyle section and LGBT subsection to find support. I also learned more about Bitcoin by using CoPromote, and will soon have a new article out about the Gates Foundation’s recent grant to Bitsoko, a new and important breakthrough for the Bitcoin movement.


4. Have you found anybody on CoPromote whose work you really like?
Lots. Dr. Gail Barnes has raised my awareness about the importance of recycled packaging, for example. David Teten is a great person to follow as a business guru. I also like Jessica Greenhood, who contributes a lot of high quality material. I also enjoy many of the food and drink Copromoters, and learn about nifty things to try in my kitchen from them.


5. What is the topic you’re most passionate about? 
Dangerous question! This one could take all day. ☺
I am passionate about living well. Twenty years as a social worker has made me painfully aware of how our work and money- obsessed culture forgets about the rest of life. I want to help more people not have that happen to them. To that end, I am passionate about helping more people live less desperately. I want to help end poverty as we know it. This is not a simple thing to do. It involves turning many knobs and pulling many levers in just one individual life, not to mention on the larger scale for a community.
I’m passionate about things like overtime pay, and affordable housing for all, and good jobs with real benefits like access to education and health care. I’m also passionate about domestic violence prevention and equality for marginalized populations. And last but not least, I am passionate about play — the importance of play as an essential part of life, particularly in childhood.


Check out Kiersten Marek’s articles! Connect with her on CoPromote.