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What The Walking Dead Can Teach Creators About Social Marketing


Last night on midseason finale of The Walking Dead, the lookout tower and safety walls came crashing down on Alexandria as walkers finally overwhelmed the idyllic community through persistent force. Cheeky comparisons to Black Friday shopping mobs aside, what can we as creators learn from last night’s episode about social marketing? 

For one: don’t be a social media zombie. Social media zombies, like the walkers, are technically “living”. Most of the pieces are there as a recognizable whole and they are moving but no one would confuse them with being alive. Similarly, you may have a complete social profile and a stream full of self-promotional posts, but is your content really alive, or is it stumbling about the social web, starving for attention, randomly reaching out to anything that moves for ROI relief? 

To make sure you aren’t a social media zombie, look at what you’re creating and how you’re sharing it. Is your content to be avoided like a zombie bite, or is it something that followers will want to consume and tell others about?

  • How much of the content you are sharing is original content? 
  • Are you including links, mentioning others, using captivating images or hashtags?
  • How will this content inform, inspire, or entertain others? 
  • How will this inspire others to support your work?
  • How many of your followers are fake or bots that don’t engage? 
  • How much engagement are you actively generating when your content is shared? 
  • Are you optimizing your strategy based on feedback, metrics, and previous results?

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 4.47.09 PM

A related takeaway is that online communities will build walls to keep out social zombies. Within our community, for example, CoPromote uses an algorithm, curating tools, and a community team to reject bad content, block bad creators, and surface our members’ best work. When your content is rejected or does not perform well on CoPromote, it may sting a little but think of it as tough love meant to inspire you to create better content and become a more engaging creator.

As Ovid wrote, and Deanna quoted in her final moments: “Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.” Or, you can keep on being a social zombie, pointlessly chasing communities that constantly start fleeing as soon as they spot you stumbling over the horizon.

Top 5 Ways To Engage On Twitter

Do you ever find yourself frustrated finding new ways to engage with others on Twitter?  Don’t worry, we’ve got the top 5 ways to improve your Twitter engagement and make tweeting more enjoyable for you.


Top 5 Ways To Engage On Twitter

These tips will help in building your following, driving up your brand’s presence, and being concise with the points you are want to get across.

Do you have any tips that work for you that are not on our list? Let us know!

CoPromote’s Private Party In LA Contest

unnamed (1)

We’re throwing a Private Party in LA and you have a chance to win an exclusive ticket to the celebration!

CoPromote is launching our Ambassador Program with Vine and Youtube creators.

Respond to this post with the hashtag #CoPromoteLA for your chance to win! Only 20 people will be chosen…and you can be one of them.

We’ve Added A Cover Photo Feature!

CoPromote Add Cover Photo

1) Go to your CoPromote account’s profile page.

2) At the top of the page you will see a cover photo along with your profile picture.

3) Place your cursor over the camera image in the top left-hand corner (directly above your profile picture) and the image should turn into an “Add Cover Photo” button.

4) Click on the “Add Cover Photo” button, select an image you would like to use as your cover photo, and press “Enter” once you have chosen one.

5) Congratulations, you have now added your cover photo!

(If you do not like the image you have chosen, repeat these steps above until you find one that you like :))

CoPromote Halloween 2015: Send us your best costume photos & WIN


With Halloween right around the corner, the internet is bursting with creative costume ideas. We’re looking to see how CoPromoters celebrate this spooky holiday! Do YOU think you have the best costume this year?

To enter, send us your photos at or tweet it to us with the hashtag #CoPromoteHalloween

The winner will get a feature on the CoPromote blog, as well as a 3 month Premium membership to CoPromote(a $300 value), and of course, unlimited bragging rights.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Have a happy(and safe) Halloween from the team at CoPromote.