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Beyonce's Lemonade_

Beyonce’s Lemonade: Marketing Genius

It is no secret that Beyonce’s marketing campaigns are flawless. What does it take to make an album, create a film/musical/series of music videos for it, release it on HBO, have the whole world watch it for free, solely release your album on Tidal, start your tour within the same week of the drop, AND be a human being? A great team with the ability to plan and execute flawlessly, no pun.


Lemonade, the visual album, had no release date when the single “Formation” was surprisingly released on February 6, 2016. Prior to that, Beyonce had not released an album since December of 2014. While remaining silent about her endeavors for this new album, she released a single right before her second Super Bowl halftime performance and made sure that the visual addressed the controversial racial injustices of America.

Further building her buzz, she had all of her dancers dress like Black Panthers for the Super Bowl halftime event. This threw the world in a frenzy and even had people come out to protest against her. Once the halftime performance was over, she announced the “Formation World Tour” to an average of 111.9 million TV viewers (the third largest audience in TV history). Within the first two weeks of sales, Formation sold out two New York shows, two London show, and added a second Chicago night. This was all without any indication of an album being released.

Less than two months later she announces an activewear brand called Ivy Park, along with its’ partnership with TopShop (an established UK clothing line/brand). The release entailed a visual story explaining her training at this park when she was younger and a series of photos with her in her line. STILL NO ALBUM RELEASE DATE!

As soon as she had everyone at the edge of their seat wondering what all of this could be leading up to, her marketing team along with HBO released a 5-7 second clip of “Lemonade”. There was no indication as to what it could’ve been. A short film? A music video? A documentary? The album everyone was waiting for? The release was announced and set for April 23rd, leaving a week for suspense and anticipation. As the date grew closer a longer promotional clip was released, and it still kept much of what it was a secret. It was definitely a friendly reminder that the date for release was approaching.

HBO created a perfect marriage between Beyonce’s “Lemonade” event and promotion their HBO Now service by offering all viewers a free weekend of HBO. Not only did this allow any and everyone to watch the “Lemonade” event, it also gave people access to HBO from Friday-Sunday for the series premieres of shows like “Game of Thrones” & “Silicon Valley”.


TV by the Numbers reports that Beyoncé’s film pulled in 787,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic.” – Spin Magazine

Not bad for Queen B! Lemonade, the visual concept album, was a 58 minute long film that went through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of her relationship with infamous rapper and mogul Jay-Z. Being that Beyonce and Jay-Z had been incredibly private about their relationship (aside from the 2014 elevator incident that went public without their consent), it was a shock for most to see and hear about her struggles with him. As if that wasn’t marketable enough, she made certain to focus on the beauty of black culture and her heritage. The visual album celebrated black women throughout her entire short film, and shed light on the pains of black women who have lost their sons due to police brutality and racial injustice. Showcasing many sides of the artist herself, it was undoubtedly the most innovative piece of work that Beyonce has put together. Directly after the release of the visual album, the album was available via Tidal and Tidal only.

Within hours of the album’s release, Tidal, the only place you can listen to “Lemonade” for now, shot towards the top of Apple’s App Store rankings. It was number 12 as of Sunday morning, even though it wasn’t even listed in the top apps list before “Lemonade” dropped. It reached as high as number 3 by Sunday afternoon.” – Tech Insider

If that wasn’t enough, Lemonade went on to break the internet. With a record of 4.1 million tweets in under 48 hours, Entertainment Weekly states that Lemonade’s twitter mentions “soared from 1.8 thousand tweets per minute to 9.2 thousand from roughly 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. The uproar has declined in recent days, but holds steady at 450 tweets per minute nearly 48 hours later.

It has been less than a week since the release of Lemonade on Saturday, and she has already kicked off her “Formation” tour on the 27th. Needless to say…the entire marketing layout for her release was a huge success. Setting Beyonce apart from any other artist of her time, she has continuously found new ways to reset the bar and innovate the release of music in the digital age. One thing is for certain, with a marketing team like hers and the ability to somehow keep all of her maneuvers under wraps…she will continue to change the music world.

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Featured copromoterD I R E C T I O N

Featured CoPromoter: Aaron Sanchez, Radio Personality & TV Host

Aaron Sanchez, host of the NEW Morning Show on ABC News Radio KMET 1490AM and creator/co-host of “The Hollywood Social Lounge“, is our CoPromoter of the week! With Sanchez’s ambitious drive and tenacity for hosting, there was no question that he would find an abundant amount of success. Read our exclusive interview with Aaron Sanchez below, and find out how he made his way up the entertainment business:



1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into radio and hosting?

About 8 years ago I was working a sales job, and although I did well at it, I always felt I wanted to do something more.  About that same time I found myself at a specialized chiropractor’s office in Huntington Beach.  In that same building was The Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting. One day I just walked in and asked for a tour and thought wow so this is how they get the training!  Even then though I didn’t have the self belief that I could ever be in radio. I figured at that time perhaps I could do at least voiceovers and perhaps could start to make a demo-tape, but didn’t know where I could do so.  It was at that time that I reached out to a family member family member who I knew was around those in entertainment.  He asked me to come in to do sales and PR for his non-profit organization and said he could make a recommendation to someone he knew.  It was at his non-profit that I met a dear family member, who I affectionately call my Tio in Spanish “Uncle” Jose Luis Sedano, who immediately recommended that I step in front of the camera rather than stay behind it.  From that day on he said he would join me on Red Carpet interviews and would be open to any idea I was crazy enough to try.  We put up the interviews on YouTube which eventually the Bureau Chief of NBC News Radio KCAA saw our entertainment interviews and asked me to do a 10 minute weekly entertainment segment.  Since I had already been creating content for online and television at the time from the red carpet, I was eventually given an opportunity to create a full one hour weekly radio show featuring some of the existing content our team had been creating which then allowed us to bring our guests in studio.  We have since re-developed the show to what is known today as The Hollywood Social Lounge which since has been moved to ABC News Radio KMET.  That in turn has led to a variety of hosting jobs including a new TV series called “Barcode Success” which takes a Celebrity, Millionaire or Billionaire and teams them up with an average  “John Q Public” for a day, giving us an insider glimpse into the lives of amazing people.


2) What is “The Hollywood Social Lounge“?

The Hollywood Social Lounge features the very best of Hollywood including Film, TV and Music. From Indie Film to major blockbusters we’ve covered both on the Red Carpet and off with Celebrity and Filmmaker interviews.



3) Being an Executive Producer at ABC News Radio, what does your day consist of? What is your favorite part of your job?

In addition to the Hollywood Social Lounge I also Host and produce daily the Morning Show which consists of reaching out and getting exciting guests that we know our audience will appreciate.  With so many new listening capabilities for example Soundcloud, TuneIn, Livestream, I also oversee the edits of the audio by combining to video so that we can reach our social media audience on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.  In helping the owners and management at the station, I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to get more listeners and audience to tune-in both regionally and nationally.  That’s how I came across CoPromote!


4) What advice would you give to people who want to delve into being a radio personality and television host?

There is a lot that I’ve had to learn by being hands on and learning from others as I’ve taken on in this career.  I always recommend people to get the schooling to teach you the how to get in radio and television.  That type of training is amazing to start from.  Yet no matter whether you’ve had the education or not, surround yourself with people that are willing to teach you what you don’t learn.  I’ve said that the years I’ve spent in radio thus far have been my own education.  Also I recommend for hosts to think like producers.  Start creating your own projects.  Even if your first doesn’t see the light of day, you will have learned more in that experience through the process of doing.  Surround yourself with people that get it and see your vision.  Also, be a person of good character because many of your future jobs will come through friends or past employees you’ve worked with that want to help open the door to your next possible venture.  

5) Have you found any other creatives through CoPromote whose work you currently follow?

Yes!  I’ve found many creatives especially authors and entrepreneurs this way that understand Social Media is another very important communication tool and I enjoy following each one as they generate more great new content.  I believe we’ve even featured one on our Morning Show.

You can find Aaron on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
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Vantage Points

Live Concert Streaming: YouTube, Coachella, Live Nation, & More

Music streaming is at its’ peak, and now we’re beginning to delve into the world of live concert streaming services! Below, we’ve listed three live concert streaming services that are sure to prevent you from missing out on catching your favorite artist’s performances.

YouTube x Coachella


This music and art festival based in Indio, CA has grown significantly since it first debuted in 1993 as a Pearl Jam concert at the Empire Polo Club to boycott ticketmaster venues. The inaugural Coachella festival followed in October of 1999. Since then, Coachella has hosted historic performances by chart-topping artists, up-and-coming artists – and even holograms of posthumous artists!

This year, YouTube will live-stream the entire first weekend (April 15th – 17th) of Coachella! YouTube and Coachella have had several streaming partnerships in the past, and they’ve added some of the cool features this year. Although the streaming schedule has yet to be posted, the festival announced there will be a custom scheduling tool that allows you to pre-select the acts you’re waiting to see. When the acts that you selected are set to perform, the stream will automatically change over to the proper channel to see that band or musician. Coachella has also stated that it will provide three channels of performances and interviews, as they have in the past.

The list of performers that will appear on the livestream will be available prior to this weekend at this source. Make sure you pre-select the acts early so you don’t miss out! Check out the list of this year’s performances/performers below.



Live Nation x Yahoo


Live Nation and Yahoo have had a promising partnership over the past couple of years. Their deal entails one live streamed concert event per each day of the year, resulting in 365 streams/year. The first year of Live Nation programming on Yahoo earned them more than 135 million streams worldwide.

With artists such as Madonna, Beyonce, U2, Jay Z, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, and more under their belt…Live Nation and Yahoo has enough clout to garner up to 365 different showcases per year. Check out the list of acts set and a new show each day here.



Launched in December of 2015, Live List is a live concert streaming platform. The app collects thousands of live-streaming concert performances and curates them into a central hub. Users of LiveList can follow favorite artists, bookmark shows, or get notifications when their shows go live. Some of the artists on their list include Guns and Roses, Adele, Jay Z, deadmau5, The Weeknd, and more! Along with an artist section, where you can pick your favorite artists to catch live, there is a channel section available highlighting genres, festivals and LiveList’s Staff Picks.

The only catch to the system is that you have to sign up in order to access their services/streaming, but that’s such a small ask to get to crème de la crème. Check LiveList out here.

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Featured CoPromoter: Fitness Expert Julia Buckley

If you are like us, getting concrete results from a diet or exercise is tougher than that steak you tried to cook last week.  From #MotivationMonday to #TransformationTuesday, social media is full of inspiration and tips for getting fit. Health and fitness expert Julia Buckley uses the power of the internet to help a community of people change their lives with her online gym. Her program combines proven techniques that have had great results for many people. We caught up with her to ask her inspiration and drive, fitness tips, and how she uses CoPromote!

1. What type of creator are you?

In essence I just want to help as many people as possible enjoy the amazing life-enhancing benefits that being physically fit brings. I love the idea of playing even a small part in changing the condition of people’s bodies, and therefore changing lives across the world, most of whom I’ll never even hear from, let alone meet. It gives me such a kick to know I’m reaching thousands of people every day with the content I create. I’m most active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I produce almost every kind of content – articles, blog posts, videos, images, print books, ebooks, snappy tips, etc.


2. What made you want to become a fitness trainer?

My background is in media and as my own passion for fitness grew, I found myself drawn more and more to jobs where I had the chance to share it with other people. I was the editor of a magazine for runners for a couple of years and I wrote articles for all the major fitness magazines here in the Britain. I originally took a course to qualify as a personal trainer just to get a bit more authority as a fitness writer and build my knowledge. But I found coaching people so rewarding I ended up doing some personal training alongside being a fitness writer.

In 2012 I got a book deal with Bloomsbury (one of Britain’s top publishers) and started work on my first print book The Fat Burn Revolution. To test out and refine the 12-week program I outlined in the book I wanted to gather a test group of people who would follow the program from written instructions (so they’d have a similar experience as readers) and share the experience with me. So I put the word out on social media that I was looking for testers, gathered a suitable group and set up a private Facebook group. Along with supplying the program details, I ended up coaching the group through it. The transformations they achieved in the 12 weeks were phenomenal!

Their friends saw the change in them and got in touch with me asking if I could do the same for them; things sort of snowballed and that’s basically how I accidentally got into online fitness coaching! About a year later, I was doing it full time and after about 18 months numbers got so large that it was getting difficult to keep up with everyone in the Facebook group. That’s when became clear that I needed my own private members website.

In 2014 I launched my Online Gym  where I now have a library of over 100 workout videos. I offer personal advice and support via the forums. Plus they’re each assigned a virtual workout buddy from among a group of long term members who’ve been training with me for years (with fantastic results) and they also have access to library of healthy recipes, pep talk videos and more.

3. What makes your fitness program different than the rest?

My online gym is much more than a fitness program. There are several different fitness programs members can choose from, or they can follow a rolling weekly schedule featuring new workouts almost every week. The level of personal support from myself, members can talk to me every day on the forums if they want to, and the camaraderie between the members in the community, makes it completely unique. I’m so proud of we’ve built in the online, it’s something absolutely remarkable which is having a huge positive impact on the lives of the members.


4. How has CoPromote helped your brand?

I love CoPromote! It helps me reach people far outside my circles. Plus it allows me to find and share relevant content that I’d never normally come across.

5. Can you give us 3 tips on staying fit?

  1. Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. via @juliabfit @copromote Tweet This.

    Some people try to find motivation by beating themselves up about the condition of their bodies. This is actually demotivating and makes them feel like crap! I’ve found that once people start allowing themselves to feel good about the positive steps they’re making, it really accelerates their progress. The better we feel about our bodies, the more we want to look after them. And, the more we look after our bodies, the better we feel about bodies. And our progress snowballs as it goes on. It’s a wonderful thing!

  1. Go Harder. For maximum fat-burning, body-sculpting results, forget steady types of exercise that you can maintain for long periods. You need varied, intense workouts that leave you totally spent—ideally in less than an hour. My motto is “go harder, not longer”. When people are used to long training sessions it can take a while for them to learn to really go all-out for shorter durations, they’re so used to holding back so they can keep going. But with practice they find that extra gear and start to build more explosive fitness, which does amazing things for their bodies.
  1. Go Heavy. A lot of people think that the best way to shed fat is by doing lots of steady cardio. You can lose fat that way, but it’s not the optimal type of training for fat loss. By adding muscle to your body you will burn more fat all of the time as well as improving your shape.

To keep in touch with Julia, follow her on twitter, instagram and youtube! You can check out Julia and other fitness gurus on CoPromote!