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We’re phasing out support for Internet Explorer 8

As part of our ongoing improvements, we are discontinuing our support for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) browsers. We will, however, continue supporting newer versions of IE.

1. CoPromote works best with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.
2. Only 0.49% of our members use IE8.
3. We devote a lot of time and resources to supporting a browser that few members use.
4. Devoting resources to improvements and new features is more beneficial to a larger group of members.

We recommend downloading the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE.

What is the most valuable result from your promotions on CoPromote?

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CoPromote Launches Improved Targeting Options!

You asked us to make who you share your promotions with easier and more effective. So we listened!

Starting today, in addition to selecting social networks, schedule, duration, and specific members, you can also choose all interests – not just your own.

This will improve not only who receives your promotions and your targeted audience reach, but also the promotion requests that you receive in return.

Improved Promotion Targeting


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How to Make Facebook’s Algorithm Work for Your Brand: Post Links!

An optimistic study points to a bright spot in Facebook’s ever-shifting newsfeed algorithm.

According to an article by ShopIgniter, one way to make your posts stand out is to include links. Media-rich posts still seem to do well, but for those cases when you don’t have media to attach, it’s encouraging to know that adding a link can boost the presence of your posts.

Fortunately for CoPromote members, sharing links is what we’re all about! Any traction our members may lose in the ongoing adjustments, they can make up for it by being connected to a network with thousands of similar people eager to share their posts for them. As reaching your own social circle becomes more difficult, being able to reach beyond your circle becomes increasingly valuable.

Below is an excerpt from the article in Business Insider. Click through for more details.

ShopIgniter looked at posts made by 15 major brands in the two weeks before and after this later tweak, and found that while reach for text status updates dropped a staggering 65%, reach for photos and videos posted stayed about the same, and reach for link posts actually jumped 30%.”

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Tips: Boost Your Facebook Engagements with Two Copromote favorites: Network and Share

Some good tips on boosting your Facebook engagements from the folks at WhoIsHostingThis:

We are particularly in agreement with the first two: Make Connections and Share Content.

At CoPromote, that’s all we do: We connect you with similar members, and you exchange social posts promoting each other.

Give us a try, it’s free to use and you can join with one click via Twitter or Facebook.

For more info on how to use CoPromote, click HERE.