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Support Women Leadership Summit in Bryant Park

Headliner is all about collaboration, so we could not be happier to support #womenleadershipsummit! Check their video and the post below to see how you can get involved.

Support Women Leadership Summit in Bryant Park (by WOMLeadershipSummit)

Help fund this project:

“The Women’s Leadership Summit is an ongoing series of events geared at inspiring women to lead and create change through empowerment and showcasing amazing women. Incredible women leaders speak about how they have led the way through their vast experiences for other women to become leaders. We are inspired by their journey and want to share it with a community of women interested in changing the ratio. Help us gather to take over Bryant Park in September between Fashion Week and the United Nations General Assembly to speak together as a united voice for a complicated issue that is very much hidden but effects half of the population. We are uniting 10,000 people for a 3-day free public event around and in the park with 60 A-list speakers, celebrities, and musicians to kick start a movement. It will be FUN and something will spark. We are supported by The Happiness Assembly, many UN delegates, corporations, and leadership organizations.”

More info: Updates Facebook Connection

We have updated our Facebook connection. Please note a couple of changes below.

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As a content promoter, you will earn Karma Cash for Facebook Engagements (Clicks, Likes, Comments, Shares) instead of earning them for sharing posts. As a content creator, there is no change; you still have to compensate someone for reaching their fans, followers, and friends.

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These updates will make every recommendation more valuable and create a more powerful community.

As always, please reach out with any questions.

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