Details: Headliner’s New “My Promotions” Page

Hi Headliners,

We have updated the My Promotions page and the Metrics info display. Check the screenshots and descriptions below for more detail.

My Promotions Page


The My Promotions page displays your active promotions. It summarizes the number of Reposts, the new audience Reach, and the Amplification score for each promotion.

Metrics, details


The Metrics screen provides more details on each promotion.

  • The number of Reposts now counts each social network individually. So if one person recommends you on both Facebook and Twitter, that counts as two (2) Reposts.
  • The Reach is still the size of the audience (fans/followers) connected to everyone that recommended you on their social networks.
  • The Amplification score calculates the difference, or lift, between how many people you would have reached on your own, versus how many you reached using Headliner.
  • Engagements refers to all the actions taken on the post on each network, meaning: Clicks, Likes, ReTweets, and Comments.

Note: If your promo only targeted Facebook, you will not see Twitter metics (as there are none in that case); and vice versa.

Metrics, Summary


The Summary screen gives you the overall metrics for all of your promotions — total number of reposts, fan reach, engagements — as well as your Karma Cash balance. Please remember: Recommendations are now labeled Reposts, and the metric counts each post shared on Facebook and Twitter separately.

We hope the cleaner design and the updated metrics will provide you with better insight so you can optimize your campaigns on

If you have any questions, just let us know and we’ll be happy to review the changes with you.


Everyone at