The difference between Facebook Pages and Profiles, and how to connect Pages to

If you’re new to and are having trouble connecting your Facebook account, it maybe because you are trying to connect a profile and not a page. Headliner can only connect Facebook Pages, not Profiles.

The easiest way to understand to understand the difference is that when a new person looks at a profile, they see an Add Friend” button and when a new person looks at a Fan Page, they see a “Like” button. You can easily see the difference in the screen grabs below. [Thanks to Dizz “Darryl” Johnson for letting us use his pages as examples.]

This is a Page, note the “Like” button. 

This is a profile, note the “Add Friend” button. 

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, you can set one up easily by following the instructions here: Create a Page on Facebook.

Once you’ve set up your Page, let us know and we’ll like it from our Headliner page. New pages take a while to show up on Headliner, so dont’ worry if yours isn’t visible right away; once our systems update, you will see your new Facebook listed as option when you try to connect it to Headliner. Note: to connect a Page, you must be the owner or have administrator permission.

As always, if you have any questions, you can reach us on Facebook or Twitter (@Headlinerfm), catch us on live chat support during normal business hours, or emailing us at