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Technology: It Really Hasn’t Changed Our Taste In Music…

The past decade has witnessed the most insane upheavals in music technology. Everything changed, but how much has musical taste itself changed during that period? According to data we’ve looked at, the answer is not that much, even though the ways we access, discover, and share our music have been completely revolutionized.

Of course, some things have changed taste-wise. Over the past few years, electronic music has found its way into the mainstream, being infused in pop music of all kinds. And the festival experience is changing the way fans interact with bands and live music. People have gained unprecedented access to tools of creation, yet research finds that pop music has become more uniform and formulaic.

But these are shifts here and there, not fundamental changes. And after breaking down the sales figures of various genres tracked by Nielsen Soundscan, the result seems to be that the types of music we love has been pretty steady.

Below is a graph of each genre’s share of the total album sales for that year. A few notes: oftentimes, an album gets categorized under multiple genres. Electronic was introduced as a genre in 2010, and has been growing steadily since. And for whatever reason, Nielsen suddenly reintroduced Rock as a category in 2006 (we’re hoping on a response for why).

Digital Music News Genre Shifts

There are a number of possible reasons for this consistency. This could indicate a widespread stagnation in musical taste, or it could simply mean that the same types of listeners are paying for music today as ten years ago, thus hiding trends that aren’t reflected in the data. Another takeaway is that technological and musical upheavals are largely separate animals. Things like rock n’ roll, Nirvana, and rap do happen, but on their own cultural clocks.

Niko Malek.

Source: Digital Music News

6 Unpleasant Truths About Social Media

Think you know social? Think again.

Unpleasant Truth No. 1:


Until Lady Gaga, Skittles had the record for most likes and comments on a single Facebook post. Did it boost sales? “Anybody who says they can track that is in a bubble,” says Michael Lebowitz, CEO of Big Spaceship, the ad firm behind the Skittles campaign.

Unpleasant Truth No. 2:


Two weeks before McDonald’s was to go on a hiring spree, it released videos of employees praising their “McJobs.” The goal: preempt criticism. On hiring day, 98% of social talk was either positive or neutral. Spin wins!

Unpleasant Truth No. 3:


To coincide with a daylong campaign, Kraft asked Klout to change the name of its social influence measurement “Klout score” to “fun score.” The answer: no. In social, platforms hold the power.

Unpleasant Truth No. 4:


Brands with more than 1 million fans reach only 3% to 5% of them a day, estimates Jeff Widman of analytics platform PageLever. To find out why, Widman asked social marketers if they ever visit fan pages as users. Their reply: “Oh, never.”

Unpleasant Truth No. 5:


A big brand recently broke Facebook’s rule against using a post as a sweepstakes. Reps were in touch within an hour. “They don’t want brands gaming the system for engagement,” the brand’s rep admitted.

Unpleasant Truth No. 6:


Stop thinking in those terms, says Microsoft Research’s Duncan Watts: “Rather than ideas propagating for generations, almost everything terminates within one degree of the seed. If you want something to spread, generate an enormous number of seeds.”

Source: Fast Company

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