Headliner of the Day: The A-Team

The guys in the A-Team aren’t old enough to drink at a bar, but they’re fast-becoming familiar with backstage and VIP rooms. Check out their bio, links and grab a free download of their mixtape.

Brand new mixtape “In Due Time” by young hip hop group @theateammusic! Download it now FREE! http://bit.ly/vIyLKW

Kevin Lazaroff (producer/engineer), Jon Packles (producer/engineer), Eric Alvarado (rapper), and Travis Dickerson (rapper)

It all started in 12th grade English class when Kevin and Travis met up and discovered a shared passion for music. After recording a demo together, they showed it to Jon and Eric (who had been working on some demos of their own). From there White Lighters was crafted over the course of 3 hardworking weeks in Kevin’s basement recording studio on a $0 budget. The A-Team’s debut mixtape, White Lighters was filled with fun lyrics about life aspirations, and the joy of growing up. Since then, with college approaching they have released a music video for “The A-Team” and played with artists such as OCD: Moosh & Twist and Julius Myth – and this is just the beginning of a new hip-hop scene… one with a soon-to-be ubiquitous question: “Are you fuckin’ with The A-Team?!” Check them out!