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Headliner of the Day: Tay Dizm

The music industry is so full of boasting and big egos that it’s refreshing to come across an artist who is both talented and down to earth. Tay Dizm is that kind of artist. His friendship with T-Pain has been a bonus, but at the end of the day, you have to stand on your own. Tay Dizm may have gotten his start in Miami, but there’s no limit to how far his skills and charisma are going to take him. Watch for him at a gig near you.

More on Tay Dizm:

Tay Dizm, songwriter and artist, is the blooming threat in pop-hip-hop music. The down to earth and high energy Miami artist ignites the world one city at a time. This incomparable artist -born Artavious Smith- has made a name for himself with his animated stage presence and humble spirit. “Talk to me and I’ll talk back,” he says.

In 2003, the Miami-native began his journey in Tallahassee, FL with best friend, T-Pain. The two traveled the globe extensively for close to four years, before Tay Dizm was ready to become an artist in his own right. Tay Dizm was able to jumpstart his career by appearing on two of T-Pain’s albums, Rappa Ternt Sanga (2005) and Epiphany (2007). When it came time to pick his first artist to represent his brand new venture Nappy Boy Digital, Pain chose Tay Dizm. He was also handpicked to appear on hard-hitting tracks which includes “She Got It” with 2 Pistols, “Who Da F*** is Dat” with Dolla which charted on the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 2008. Tay Dizm also appeared on “G-5” with Huey. The release of his first single in August 2008 “Beam Me Up,” which featured T-Pain and Rick Ross has brought him into the limelight.

A strong push at nationwide radio mix shows has helped him gain a strong fan base. The eccentric artist began focusing more on his solo career in 2009 which also was the release of his second single “Dream Girl,” featuring Akon. It was a global success with over 16.2 million views on YouTube. With Tay Dizm’s first leak “Smoke” ft T-Pain, produced by Mr. Beatz ( YMCMB producer) off his “Thank you For Being a Friend” all over the internet, the world is now hearing the best of what Tay Dizm has to offer. As he moves forward in this New Year, the Tay Dizm sound is catching on worldwide. With several awards at his side, including the 2008 songwriting award from ASCAP, and four hot new singles to be released this year, nothing can stop him.

Tay Dizm’s mixtape “Thank You for Being a Friend” was released February 17, 2011, presented by Coast 2 Coast DJ’s and via Nappy Boy Digital. With a strong love for every individual fan he has, the mixtape cover will be an abstract colleague of pictures of his fans forming Tay Dizm’s face. As a follow up project to his mixtape, Dizm has a new street anthem “Gettin’ to the Money” featuring T-Pain and J-Bo which has spread virally. The energetic artist that fuses pop and rock into his music is making a buzz and the world is now receiving what Dizm has to offer.

“This is what we doing and this is where we going,” says Tay Dizm.







WWW.NAPPYBOYONLINE.COM is Hiring: Data Scientist

One of the top music startups is looking for you!

Ranked #4 in Billboard’s 10 Top Music Startups of 2011, is a breakthrough application that disrupts the rules of sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. We have over 100,000 users, reaching over 300 million fans. Every day, we reach over 15 million people. In a little over 1 year, we have become the number one in-stream sharing platform on the social web. We’ve got huge scale potential and serious traction and are looking for a Data Scientist to help us leverage all the behavior data from our active community.

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate will posses a combination of skills including statistics, mathematics, computer science, business analysis, and product development as well as expertise with recommendation engines and social web applications. An innate obsession with data based experiments, including A/B tests is a plus. The ultimate goal is interpreting the data to a useful end.

You should be comfortable working in a team environment, as well as by yourself. We are looking for someone who can manage their own workflow, write specifications, discuss business strategy, and set project goals. Enthusiasm for collaborative development is a must.


–       Define, design, and build projects that leverage our data

–       Develop algorithms that can scale to very large data sets

–       Design and develop a content classification system

–       Determine and implement mechanisms to improve our data quality

–       Design and test calculation logic and visualization methods for key metrics

Design and testing predictive and other statistical models

Skills and Requirements:

–       A passion for data and analytics

–       Experience with large dataset analysis

–       Experience with MySQL

Knowledge or Experience of the following is a Plus:

–       ‘NoSQL’ architectures and tools

–       Machine Learning

–       Recommendation Engines

–       Text Analytics

–       Social Network Analytics

Culture is crucial to our organization. We believe in science, evidence, testing and each other. If you’re interested in working in an extremely low-bureaucracy but high-impact environment, this is the place for you!

Headliner CEO Mike More Weighs in On Digital Music Sales Milestone on CNNMoney.

It’s been over a decade since Napster first turned the music industry upside down. CNN recently published an article on the digital sales topping physical sales for the first time since the format shook things up.

As Laurie Segall writes on CNNMoney, “According to a Nielsen and Billboard report, digital music purchases accounted for 50.3% of music sales in 2011. Digital sales were up 8.4% from the previous year, while physical album sales declined 5%.”

The article also includes some insight from Headliner CEO Mike More. Check his quote below and click over to the article for the rest of the story.

Digital music sales top physical sales

Mike More, CEO of, says the future may not be digital sales. More cites Spotify’s model as the music consumption of the future, where he says more consumers will pay for access to music streaming services rather than purchasing songs.

“I think you have a whole generation who doesn’t care if they own anything,” he says. “Accessibility has become paramount. This is what consumers want — they want it everywhere and on all their devices.”

Headliner of the Day: The A-Team

The guys in the A-Team aren’t old enough to drink at a bar, but they’re fast-becoming familiar with backstage and VIP rooms. Check out their bio, links and grab a free download of their mixtape.

Brand new mixtape “In Due Time” by young hip hop group @theateammusic! Download it now FREE!

Kevin Lazaroff (producer/engineer), Jon Packles (producer/engineer), Eric Alvarado (rapper), and Travis Dickerson (rapper)

It all started in 12th grade English class when Kevin and Travis met up and discovered a shared passion for music. After recording a demo together, they showed it to Jon and Eric (who had been working on some demos of their own). From there White Lighters was crafted over the course of 3 hardworking weeks in Kevin’s basement recording studio on a $0 budget. The A-Team’s debut mixtape, White Lighters was filled with fun lyrics about life aspirations, and the joy of growing up. Since then, with college approaching they have released a music video for “The A-Team” and played with artists such as OCD: Moosh & Twist and Julius Myth – and this is just the beginning of a new hip-hop scene… one with a soon-to-be ubiquitous question: “Are you fuckin’ with The A-Team?!” Check them out!