Five Runners Up for Headliner’s Band of the Month

For every contest winner in life, there are also runners up, folks who came close but were edged out for some reason or other.

At Headliner, we want to help all of our users get heard. So, we’ve decided to start showing some love to all the artists who came close to winning the Band of the Month contest. Below are 5 runners up for the Good Charlotte Band of the Month contest that was won by Aim for the Weekend.

All the runners up below will be receiving 100,000 free band bucks to help them get their music out there. Congratulations again to everyone who not only won and entered this contest, but has the heart and soul to make music every day.

Monks of Mellonwah

The Monks of Mellonwah are a four piece alternative funk/rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their unique sound blends elements of classic influences Hendrix, Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, along with the more modern sounds of The Raconteurs, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse. The Monks have recently filmed their first music video for “Swamp Groove” out of their first EP, Stars are Out.

 Pete Lavoie

Pete Lavoie is a singer/songwriter from Montreal, Canada. He has recently released a music video for his single “Nice” and is available on iTunes.


REMOVE SILENCE is a band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2007. Their debut album, REMOVE SILENCE – FADE, was released in Brazil in September 2009, via Dynamo Records, and is obtaining excellent response in Brazil and worldwide. Recently, REMOVE SILENCE was pre-indicated to the 2011 Grammy Awards. The categories are – “Best Rock Album” with their song “Fade”, and “Best Hard Rock Performance” with the song “Pressure”.

Into My Plastic Bones


INTO MY PLASTIC BONES is an experimental rock band from Torino, Italy. Since 2006, they have released two full-length albums and have been actively performing and recognized throughout alternative music press.

Brooke Webb

Brooke Webb is a pop/rock singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN, signed to Jim Jam Entertainment & Farriswheel Entertainment. Her new release, “Said What I Wanted” is scheduled to be out by December on iTunes.


Butter is a 4 piece high-energy rock band based out of Virginia Beach. The name Butter has become synonymous with music at the beach over the past nine years where the band now headlines many of the festivals such as ECSC, the Neptune Festival, the JT Walk, and Norfolk Sertoma.