Wouldn’t It Be Nice: Listening to the Beach Boys & Teaching Labels to Let Go

 Fast Company posted an interesting article on why labels should learn to get let go of the old industry models and embrace how fans discover music and develop loyalties to artists today. The insight was inspired by an online listening session of the recently remastered and re-released Beach Boys classic album, Smile. As it turns out, while the technology has changed, word of mouth is still the best promotion an artist could ask for and sometimes silence sells better than noise. Excerpts below, full article at Fast Company.

To Reach Fans Through Social Music Sites, Labels Need To Learn To Let Go

“With the consumer, it’s all about sharing, and living life on your terms, not by an industry’s dictate.

As the last chorus faded, the conversation began, and I was reminded once again of the power of music and its effects on the human condition, especially when mixed with the powerful experience of sharing it with others who share the same passion… 

Now, that’s when the magic happens…”