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Headliner Year-End Infograph: The Power of Many

As we close out 2011, we took a look back at Headliner’s growth.

As expected, the top 10 list of artists with the most reach included some famous names like Pitbull and Diddy, but it also included many independent artists. In fact, the top two slots went to Steve Ryan and Incolide, proving that you don’t need a lot of money to share your music online.

It wouldn’t hurt, but in the meantime, why not fund your online promotion using your social currency? The more your fans like, share, retweet, and comment on your posts online, the better your social currency. Deep reach and high engagement are key to building a supportive community of fans that will act as ambassadors for your music.

Check out our infograph below summarizing how Headliner helps artist like Steve Ryan and Incolide make the most of their social currency to promote their music online.

As the song goes, “You don’t have to be a star, baby, to be in our show.”


Headliner of the Day: Miu Haiti

Our Headliner of the Day is Miu Haiti, a young singer songwriter who’s making waves with her catchy, Caribbean-infused  R&B and Hip Hop. Check out her links for more info and to enjoy her music.

About Miu Haiti

Born on February 7th of 1988, She is the daughter of a saxophonist and a milliner. She came to life with deep artistic senses. She had great 1st singing experienced by achieving the semi finals of a contest on 2006 with her first composition on a Dancehall rhythm. a experience she never had before. The title song is HOT BOY and introduced her to singing with instrumental. It was a remarkable beginning for her since she never got into a studio before.



Five Runners Up for Headliner’s Band of the Month

For every contest winner in life, there are also runners up, folks who came close but were edged out for some reason or other.

At Headliner, we want to help all of our users get heard. So, we’ve decided to start showing some love to all the artists who came close to winning the Band of the Month contest. Below are 5 runners up for the Good Charlotte Band of the Month contest that was won by Aim for the Weekend.

All the runners up below will be receiving 100,000 free band bucks to help them get their music out there. Congratulations again to everyone who not only won and entered this contest, but has the heart and soul to make music every day.

Monks of Mellonwah

The Monks of Mellonwah are a four piece alternative funk/rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their unique sound blends elements of classic influences Hendrix, Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, along with the more modern sounds of The Raconteurs, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse. The Monks have recently filmed their first music video for “Swamp Groove” out of their first EP, Stars are Out.

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Headliner of the Day: Ray Molina

Some musicians have always known what they wanted to do and dreamt of it as far back as they can remember dreaming. Others find their way to it by sometimes unexpected paths. However you come to your musical awakening, chances are once you’re there, you can’t imagine being anywhere else. Today’s Headliner of the day is Southern California native, Ray Molina.


“During the past 5 years though I have lived in Helsinki, Finland, London, England and of course within SoCal. My career (sport scientist) took me to those places, but I have DJed for 14 years, and whilst in those places was fortunate to feel the culture of electronic dance music, especially the European side.

It was not till last year whilst living in London to get my Masters degree that I serendipitously polished my DJ skills and started getting my feet wet with production. This happened because the topic of my dissertation involved helping an established producer/DJ and A&R man improve his performance (thats a whole ‘nother story!). My research for my Masters degree helped polish my own personal DJ skills by being around the culture; upon my completion of my dissertation I began a blog and making mixes under the series, “Pirate Satellite”.

In March I will return to London, and I am in the works of confirming a VERY big date.”

Check out Ray’s beats at his links below, and keep an eye out for promotion requests from him. As he has already proven, Ray is a go-getter, and will go wherever he needs to in order to make his dreams a reality.

Ray Molina:







Trends: How the Top 250 Musicians on Facebook Work It

RootMusic analyzed how the top 250 musicians on Facebook work the platform and posted the results with the chart below.

Some key findings you should try to apply to your own band’s use of social media:

  • 7 out of 10 of the most popular pages on FB were musician pages
  • On average, the top 250 artists post 1.6 times a day
  • Fans engage with the Facebook wall more than the Band Page (35% vs 31%)
  • The top 3 genres were Pop (29%), Rock (28%) and Hip Hop (12%)

The key take-aways as always are: music is one of the most popular types on content on the social web and artists that engage their fan base consistently are the most successful. Headliner can help you amplify your message by introducing you to audiences that already like music like yours through compatible musicians. Where you take that introduction is entirely up to you, but hopefully this data will inspire you to engage them directly and frequently.

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