JoJo To Judge’s Band of the Month Contest

Headliner is very excited to have singer, songwriter and Pop phenomenon JoJo judging our next Band of the Month Contest!

Long before she was old enough to drink in most states, 20 year-old artist JoJo was already a veteran of the music industry. Born Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque and raised on the East Coast, the English/Irish/Scottish/Polish/French/Native American singer and actress did not waste time getting noticed. While most kids were doing homework, JoJo was making the rounds as one of America’s most talented kids, performing on television with Bill Cosby an Oprah Winfrey and acting in the Bernie Mac Show and films including RV with Robin Williams. At 12 years old, she was signed to Blackground Records; at 13, she was the youngest artist to score a number 1 hit. JoJo’s self-titled debut sold over 300 million units, went platinum and charted on both the Billboard’s Top 200 and R&B/Hip Hop charts. Although she was born into a low-income family, JoJo was ranked among Forbes top earners under 25 in 2007. Her latest album, Jumping Trains, is out on Blackground-Interscope-Streamline now. The combination of her talent and industry experience, as well as her personal background, make her an ideal judge for Headliner’s Band of the Month contest.

The winner of the Band of the Month contest will be selected by JoJo herself and will receive a shout out from her on Facebook, where she will recommend the winner to her 500,000 fans. They will also win a free Headliner Pro subscription. Runners-up will receive 100,000 free band bucks.

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