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Headliner of the Day: Sham MCs

One of the great things about music is the way it can unite people from all over the world. It has often been said to be a universal language. At Headliner, we support indie artists of all kinds, from all over the world. In the past few months, we’ve come to know and dig Sham MCs, a Syrian rap group who gets the DIY indie grind, the importance of fan engagement and promotes positivity and consciousness among diverse people through their unique mix of Middle Eastern sounds and Hip Hop. They are walking their talk; in their own words: “Headliner fm taught me, Don’t live to survive, live to be worldwide.”

More on Sham MCs:

The Sham MCs would be taking the Syrian hip-hop scene by storm — if they weren’t creating the genre as they go.
The group is all about crossing barriers — rapping in both English and Arabic and mixing hip-hop with the sounds of traditional Arabic music, while avoiding the lyrical clichés of both genres.
The nine-member crew is a mix of Syrian Christians, Muslims and followers of new age spirituality. They’re taking advantage of more accessible recording technology, and the social media tools that have fueled uprisings in other Middle Eastern countries, to spread their music to a Syrian audience they say is hungry for hip-hop.
MC Mic Son, who learned English from an online Ebonics course, took us into the studio during a recording session for the Sham MC’s second album.

Support their fund raising campaign to finish their album on IndieGogo. Info below.

For booking

The Eyes Have It: 84 Million U.S. Internet Users Viewed 42.6 Billion Videos in October

The take-away from this eye-popping data is this: as a musician you should be sharing music videos to get your fans’ attention and drive traffic and awareness to your sites. If you want to throw in a cat or two, like Devo did for their album listening party, it might not hurt. The data is from comScore, but Hypebot did a nice summary. Check it out and then bust that camera out.

Via Hypebot:

New comScore data shows 84 million U.S. Internet users watched online videos in October for an impressive average of 21.1 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience viewed 42.6 billion videos, an all time high. Google sites, driven by YouTube, ranked #1 with 161 million unique viewers and 20.9 billion videos viewed. But Facebook, which was barely a blip on the video viewing charts just a couple of years ago, came in at #2 with 59.8 million viewers.

Headliner’s New Motto: Small Acts When Multiplied by Millions of People Can Transform the World. #Community

Headliner of the Day: Endway


Boston based band ENDWAY is composed of Kevin McHugh (Guitar, Vocals), Dennis Walsh (Bass, Vocals), Andrea Belfiore (Drums), Morgan Dorr (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Brian Lempert (Keys, Vocals). The band has four albums; “Endway” 2005, “Action” 2008, “Running Man” 2009 and “Colors” which was finished in the fall of 2010 and digitally released by Tainted Blue in the first quarter of 2011.

After the band’s inception in 2004 the guys were nearly homeless. NowENDWAY has been featured on five different MTV shows including The Real World, Road Rules, and The Hills and has played performances from historic Fenway Park to The House of Blues to SXSW. Of ENDWAY, CBS Boston writes “pulling for comparison to Maroon 5, INXS and The Police, this band creates a truly original sound that is bound for your music collection.  Every appearance they make seems to be magical.”

Endway have clearly hit on a winning combination of indie rock and radio-ready pop. The band recently used Headliner to promote their latest album, Colors through a video premiere and trivia contest.

Fans were invited like the band on Facebook, watch a new video and submit their answers to trivia questions that were sent out as Headliner promotions. Artists were very supportive of the idea and Endway managed to reach thousands of fans, many of whom signed up for their email newsletter and a chance to win Colors ahead of its release date. Their campaign help them reach well over 3 million new fans through more than 300 bands that cross-promoted them through Headliner recommendations.

If you don’t know Endway, check out the links below and get to know them.!/endway


Aim for the Weekend Chosen By Good Charlotte as Headliner’s Band of the Month

Good Charlotte have made their selection for Headliner’s latest Band of the Month contest. And the winner is… Aim for the Weekend! Aim for the Weekend were chosen from a long list of exciting Headliner bands to receive a shout out  Good Charlotte on all their social networks. Aim for the Weekend will also get a month of Headliner Pro for free. More about them below. Congratulations!


Aim For The Weekend is a four piece pop/rock band from Northern Virginia. They have an unmatched work ethic that has propelled them to the top of their local music scene in just over a year. Their songs have been featured on radio stations both locally and abroad, they have headlined the legendary 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, and this is only the beginning. Aim For The Weekend is a band that everyone needs to be paying attention to.

Aim for the Weekend

on Facebook:

on Twitter:!/aim4theweekend