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Where the Action is: Headliner’s Presence in Facebook’s Newsfeed.

Recently Comscore published a report that shows what Headliner members already knew: Facebook users spend  most of their time on the newsfeed (27%) and less time on profiles (21%) and apps (10%). Meaning that your message has a better chance of being seen and engaged if it appears where the action is: not in an ad off to the side, but directly in the chat streams users see when they log in. Posting custom recommendations directly to users’ newsfeeds is precisely what Headliner does. For more info on how Headliner helps musicians get recommended to millions of new fans daily, check out our homepage:

Tip: Delete Double Posts Without Losing Band Bucks

Being on social networks is essential to marketing your music. Posting to all your networks simultaneously by linking them is convenient. Doing so, however, can result in double posts when you create or accept Headliner promotions and select more than one network. If those networks are linked, your message is pushed twice, first by us and then by the networks.

Nobody likes spam, so cleaning up double posts on your social networks is a natural impulse. But, deleting a Headliner post from your social networks will result in deductions of Band Bucks which are the currency for your Headliner promotions. We understand the need to maintain your profiles spam-free. But we also believe in recommendations and deleting Headliner promotions from your networks defeats our core purpose: helping musicians help each other.

So, what can be done about this? The best way to avoid Band Bucks deductions is to make sure that when you see a double post, you don’t delete the Headliner post.

If you notice double posts on your Twitter account for example, simply click on the message to expand it and along the bottom of the detail view, next to the date you will notice a source identifier with a URL. See the screenshot below. Our identifier/link reads: “Via Headlinerfm.” As long as you do not delete this post, there will be no deduction of band bucks from your account.

On Facebook, under each status update you will notice the same thing: our icon with a source identifier: “Via Headlinerfm.” These ID tags are common practice for third party apps. Just think of applications like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and others that integrate messaging across platforms.

You can also unlink your networks or only accept promos for one network instead of both, but we understand that reduces your exposure and can be cumbersome when you’re posting outside of Headliner (which is likely most of the time). Until we find a solution for the double postings, this is the easiest way to keep your wall clean and avoid penalties for deleting promotions.

Headliner Twitter Post Update: New Top Summary New Top SummaryHeadliner community, we’ve updated our dashboard with a new top summary. The functions for the features will remain the same, but the descriptions should help you better understand how your Headliner account is working.

We value your feedback, so please comment or share the post with fellow Headliners via your social networks. We hope this redesign helps you better monitor your Headliner campaigns.

Band Bucks:

Band Bucks are Headliner’s virtual currency. Band Bucks can be used to request recommendations from fellow Headliner artists. You can earn Band Bucks by accepting others’ recommendation requests. The more Band Bucks you have, the more fans you can reach. While your requests are being reviewed your Band Bucks are Pending. If they’re not used, your Band Bucks are returned to you.


This is the total number of recommendations you have received from fellow Headliner artists. The smaller number indicates the increase from the previous week. The more recommendations you have, the larger your network.

New Fans Reached:

The number of music fans exposed to your promotion.  This is the total number of fans connected to the artists who accepted your promotion request. The smaller number indicates the increase in audience from the previous week.


This is the number of times that your recommendation was Clicked, Liked, Re-tweeted or received a comment. The higher the number, the better your engagement opportunities.

Klout’s Top 10 Musicians on Facebook, Twitter

Social metrics tool Klout recently published a list of the Top 10 Musicians on Facebook and Twitter. Klout calculates online influence by measuring not only one’s followers, but also the depth of one’s engagement (replies) and amplification (reposts). At Headliner, we allow musicians to jump-start the engagement process with thousands, if not millions, of fans by placing status updates directly in chat streams where they are most likely to get noticed. Looking over the accounts of some these artists, what lessons can you take away from the way they use social media to engage their fans and improve their Klout?



Logan Maughon Chosen as Headliner’s Band of the Month Winner by Panic at the Disco

Logan Maughon

The winner of the Band of the Month contest selected by Panic! at the Disco is… Logan Maughon.

Logan Maughon is an indie musician gifted with dynamic vocals and an ambitious sound. Logan’s compelling style showcases his varied influences and can be heard on his latest self-produced album, Take Five.

As winner of Headliner’s Band of the Month contest, a recommendation with an album download link was shared by Panic at the Disco with millions of their social network fans. Check the tweet and Logans’ SoundCloud link below.

@PanicAtTheDisco: Congrats to Logan Maughon for winning our @headlinerfm contest! Download his new album for free

Logan Maughon on Soundcloud: