Headliner Milestone: Now over 200 Million Fans Strong

Headliner.fm: 200 Million Fans Strong

Early today, Headliner reached a milestone in its young, ambitious life: It surpassed 200 million fans!

Based on the time-honored relationship between headlining bands and opening acts, Headliner allows musicians to leverage their social currency for cross-promotion. By exchanging messages through their social networks, artists raise each others’ profiles and reach music lovers that are more likely to become fans. We have helped over 75,000 artists including Rob Thomas, Diddy, T-Pain and Maroon 5 reach millions of new fans. After all, there’s no recommendation like the one you get from your favorite band!

It’s a win/win for everyone. Artists get new fans, music lovers discover new bands – and it’s all done, free and easy through Headliner’s simple, powerful tools. At this rate, the half-billion fan milestone doesn’t seem too far away. Thanks to all the artists who have help us get here. For more on how you can join, check Headliner.fm.