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Avoiding Facebook Fan Page Mistakes, Tip 1 of 7: Think News Feed!

Faceook Fan Page Tips

Faceook Fan Page Tip #1: Think News Feed!

So you’re a musician and you’ve set up your Facebook Fan page. Now you can just sit back and watch the “Likes” and fans pile up, right? You’ll be a Facebook Superstar in no time, right? Wrong.

Fan pages are great destinations–they make it easy for your fans to hear your music, see your awesome photos, follow your gigs, buy your merchandise and connect with each other. But they’re useless if no one is seeing them or spending time on them. How, then, do you optimize your fan page, to ensure that your content is reaching your target audience? A recent article on highlighted the seven most common mistakes people make when setting up a fan page. Much of their advice resonates with the Headliner philosophy, so we thought we’d share them with our members in hopes of helping you make the most of your Facebook marketing and the Headliner community.

The first mistake people often make is not understanding how most people use Facebook. They expect that once their Fan Page is up, fans will check it daily for their updates. The truth is that most likely your Fans only see your Fan Page once–when they go to click LIKE on it and add it to their news feed. After that, they will likely be interacting with your content in their news feed, which is the first thing everyone sees when they log in to Facebook. The news feed is a notoriously crowded space. Your updates will be just a few among the millions that are posted to Facebook’s news feed every day. The typical news feed on Facebook includes updates from hundreds, if not thousands of friends, fans and connections.

In order to bring order to this frenzy of information, Facebook organizes the news feed based on a specific formula. This formula will push items into the news feed from users that are the most active, have the most friends, receive and make the most comments and Likes, etc.  You can see how your message will get lost in the shuffle, especially if all you do is post it on your Fan Page and leave it at that. The key to getting your updates seen in the Facebook news feed, as with all social media, is interaction and engagement. Once you post an update to your Fan Page, be sure to respond to the Likes and Comments and Shares. Every interaction affects how your Fan page is ranked and where your items will live in the news feed.

Facebook Log In News Feed flow

The graph above shows the typical interaction people have with Facebook. They log in, scroll through the news feed, Like and/or Comment on a few updates, browse some photos and return to the news feed to repeat the cycle. Maybe if you post something really special, they’ll come to your Fan page to interact with it. Maybe if you happen to be posting when your fans are browsing, they may see your message right away. That’s a couple of big maybes. And Heaven help you if someone posts a video of a baby animal doing anything remotely cute.

The big take away is this: Your Fan Page is not the first thing people will see when they log on, so push your content up the news feed by engaging your fans or very few people will see it. Creating a Fan Page and posting to it is just the beginning. Follow up on your posts, engage your users, sustain conversations. We’ll explore the rest of the mistakes and make some suggestions in the coming days. Meanwhile, let us know about your experience with Fan Pages on Facebook. As savvy Headliner members, we trust you are on the right track, but we’re always happy to help. Tool: Weekly Summary

Weekly Email Screenshot

Headliner Weekly Summary

At, we know that musicians lead very hectic, unpredictable lives. There’s no telling when the muse will show up, and there’s also no telling her to come back another day because you’re busy monitoring your social media and crunching numbers. One of the ways we enable our community of singers and performers to focus on their music and not their media is our Weekly Summary email.

The Headliner Weekly Summary is a snapshot of your promotions and activity. Each week we send our members an update of how many fans they’ve reached and through how many artists; how many promotions they have created; how many Band Bucks they’ve earned; what their current rank is among the community; and how many artists they’ve connected with. To help our members better understand the summary, we’ve prepared a few notes below.

Fans Reached and Number of Artists: Exposing your message to new music lovers is a driving force behind Headliner. The number of fans reached is a tally of all the fans associated with the artists that accepted your promotion. The more artists that accept and the more fans each of them has, the wider your reach will be.

Promotions Created: Simply, this is the number of original promotions that you set up in the previous week. We encourage artists to link their promotions to specific events to increase the likelihood of a successful campaign, so this number will fluctuate. It also gives you a sense of how you’re spending your Band Bucks and how frequently you’re contacting other artists.

Band Bucks: The Headliner “economy” deals in social currency. Band Bucks represent how many fans you have and how many promotions you’ve accepted and promoted. We encourage artists to think of their fans as currency when it comes to social media. We offer people the option of purchasing Band Bucks as well, but there are several ways to earn them such as linking all your networks, accepting promotions and inviting your friends to join Headliner.

Rank: Standing is determined by how many fans you’ve reached, how many connections you’ve made and your overall activity on Headliner. The more successful your campaigns are, the better your rank and the wider your reach will be.

Connections: Every time one artist accepts a promotion created by another artist, that is a connection. Connections represent how engaged you are in the community. The more connections you have, the more likely your promotions will reach a wider number of people.

Even though we strive to make as simple and efficient to use, there will always be questions about the best way to use the service. That’s why our Weekly Summary also includes suggestions on “What To Do Next” to optimize your experience. Additionally, we offer personalized help through all our social networks and customer service via email and live chat.

The Weekly Summary is a valuable tool that every member should take advantage of. It lets members know what is going on with their campaigns in a timely manner so they can make the most of their experience with You could track your own Facebook, Twitter and Myspace metrics through various, separate, sometimes pricey tools. And you could spend a lot of time formatting all that data into an actionable report. Or, you could let do it for you.

As always, we welcome feedback so if there are any changes or improvement you would like to see to the weekly summary, please comment below, share this post or reach out and let us know! Partnership with SoundCloud Mentioned in Billboard Magazine

Billboard Magazine, on and SoundCloud Partnership Partnership with SoundCloud, Billboard Magazine got a nice mention in industry bible Billboard Magazine today! Check it out!

“, a social recommendation engine for artists, and SoundCloud have teamed to add music to band and track recommendations on social media platforms like Facebook.  Under the deal, users can add any tracks from SoundCloud to their Facebook wall when using the service to promote a band.”

Does that sound like you, or a friend? Come on over to let us know how we can help.


How To: Import your Myspace profile to Facebook

In the latest concession by Myspace to Facebook’s juggernaut conquest of the internet, the formerly mighty social network has just released an app that will allow you to connect your Myspace profile to Facebook. Myspace was formerly every musician’s best friend, an essential marketing tool for introducing your music to new fans. But as the social web evolved, Myspace became less relevant. This app will let you import all your content and cross-post updates simultaneously. The app might not save Myspace in the long run, but it’s a welcome addition to every musician’s marketing toolbox.

Get more info on the app here: Facebook Myspace Music App. And there’s a tutorial here: Set Up Instructions.

CNET: + SoundCloud = artists reaching new fans

Another informative article on’s recent partnership with SoundCloud. This time, by Boonsri Dickinson at, who met with HFM CEO Mike More at the recent Music Tech Summit in San Francisco. There are as many reasons and ways to use Headliner as there are artists and genres. But the bottom line cuts across all divides. Simply put: “Without a system like this, many bands would have to curry the respect and favor of more popular musicians the old-fashioned way. And today, who has time for that?” Big thanks to @Boonspoon for helping us get the word out.

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