Mike More Interview on Virtualmusic.tv

Earlier this week, Headliner.fm CEO Mike More sat down with for an interview with virtualmusic.tv‘s Ryan Van Etta. In the interview More and Van Etta discus the inspiration behind Headliner.fm, the difference between offline and online music promotion and much more. Here’s a taste

Ryan Van Etta: Headliner launched in late 2009—what are some things you’ve learned along the way since then?

MM: The most important thing we learned is to listen to our users. Headliner is here for one reason—to serve their needs period. We have just partnered with Soundcloud so our users can check out other bands music quickly and easily before they accept promotions from other artists. This was the number one request by the bands who use Headliner so we implemented it quickly. The SoundCloud partnership allows bands to syndicate their music to Facebook and Twitter—Headliner is becoming an artist-run content syndication network on top of Facebook and Twitter.

You can read the rest here.