Why Headliner?

“Why” did we create Headliner.fm?

Headliner helps make marketing and promotion on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace better for all artists.

Facebook’s why is “helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”

And Twitter’s why isthe best way to discover what’s new in your world.”

Headliner takes the best of what Facebook and Twitter have to offer and puts it in the hands of all artists through collaborative marketing — artists helping artists

Technology has made creating, selling and sharing music simple and easy. Thanks to tools like Protools, Tunecore, CDBaby, Bandcamp, TopSpin, Soundcloud artists can do more now than they could at any other time in recorded music history. With that said, we saw that no one was addressing a very important need of all artists how to reach new fans?

Once you posted an awesome new track or get a show booked, how do you promote it? What tools can artists use to promote themselves?

Most social promotion tools are based on artists using their current fans to spread the word about their music. Those tools are awesome, we love them, but they can’t help you promote your music to a lot of new fans unless you have a lot of fans already. We thought how do you help artists break this chicken and egg problem and came up with a simple idea: The best way for artists to reach new fans is through each other’s fans.

The idea of an artist recommending one another is very powerful and it’s something artists have been doing all along. From the days of Motown, when Diana Ross introduced the Jackson 5 to current where artists like Diddy, Dre and Jay-Z have built their labels and empires around this style of promotion. Before Headliner.fm, artists promoting other artists only worked for the well connected. There are over 15 million artists on Facebook,Twitter, MySpace and YouTube who have over 400 million fans. Imagine a world where artists of all sizes can connect and in under a minute, reach a large group new fans! This idea makes us happy. =]

We built Headliner to help artists of all sizes connect with new artists and reach new fans.  Find out more here check out our Artist Guide. http://headliner.fm/artistguide.php