Followers and Fans vs Influence

I wanted to repost this chart from today’s New York Time as I feel it is relevant to how artists think about building their fan base on Facebook and Twitter.

Below please find the reposted chart of the top 10 most followed and top 10 most infulential people on Twitter.

10 Most Followed People

1. Lady Gaga

Followers: 7,941,444
Influence: 41

2. Justin Bieber

Followers: 7,032,265
Influence: 67

3. Britney Spears

Followers: 6,652,470
Influence: 59

4. Barack Obama

Followers: 6,531,868
Influence: 83

5. Ashton Kutcher

Followers: 6,261,483
Influence: 68

6. Kim Kardashian

Followers: 6,032,559
Influence: 81

7. Ellen DeGeneres

Followers: 5,745,455
Influence: 67

8. Katy Perry

Followers: 5,283,350
Influence: 50

9. Taylor Swift

Followers: 5,020,965
Influence: 38

10. Oprah Winfrey

Followers: 5,013,218
Influence: 40

1o Most Influential  People

1. Rafinha Bastos

Followers: 1,690,817
Influence: 90

2. Chad Ochocinco

Followers: 1,651,070
Influence: 89

3. Conan O’Brien

Followers: 2,367,928
Influence: 88

4. Stephen Fry

Followers: 2,188,395
Influence: 87

5. Ryan Seacrest

Followers: 3,880,840
Influence: 86

6. Snoop Dogg

Followers: 2,536,996
Influence: 85

7. Barack Obama

Followers: 6,531,868
Influence: 83

8. Rainn Wilson

Followers: 2,168,826
Influence: 83

9. Kim Kardashian

Followers: 6,032,559
Influence: 81

10. Huck Luciano

Followers: 2,663,202
Influence: 77

As you can see from the chart there is a big difference between followers and influence and as an artist influence is what you want. Influence means your fans care, they are engaged, listening to what you say and willing to spread the word about your music ,buy a track and or a ticket to your next show. This idea supports an older post I wrote regarding the number of fans or followers you have is not necessarily correlated to your influence.

So how do you gain influence? One of the ways the article suggested is by having other people, artists and fans talking about you. Headliner is all about this. Headliner is about artists supporting other artists via talking about them to their fans. Artists can help other artists gain influence on Twitter and Facebook by using Headliner.

You can check out the full NYT post here: