Introducing SoundCloud on

Introducing Soundcloud on
Since we launched we’ve received an extremely positive response from musicians about our service. However, has always been missing something: music. has always provided links to music where artists can listen to the music of other artists, but it used to be impossible to listen to music directly on the site. Thanks to Soundcloud that has now changed.

Connect SoundCloud and Upload Music to
You can now use Soundcloud to put your music directly onto go into the account settings section of and click “Soundcloud.” There you will be able to connect your Soundcloud account to Once you have connected Soundcloud other users will be able to listen to your music directly on when they see you in the artist discovery screen. The next time you look for artists to promote with on in the artist discovery see if any artists have a play button on top of their pictures. If they do that means they have connected Soundcloud and you can stream their music on directly on

Facebook + SoundCloud + Getting your music in front of compatible new fans on Facebook
Being able to listen to music directly on makes it much easier to use our site, but that isn’t the only benefit to users from the Soundcloud partnership. Now, you can make even better promotions by including Soundcloud links on Facebook promotions. Soundcloud links will show up as streamable music files when they are posted to Facebook, which makes it easier than ever to spread your music.

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