Don’t Buy Fans: The Top 8 Reasons You Should Not Buy Fans

Words by Mike More and Nick

Would you pay fans to show up at your gig? That is what buying “fans” is like. Poke around the web and you’ll find black market companies selling the following: Facebook likes, Twitter followers and You Tube plays. Such companies claim that they can boost your following, but they are simply using bots to artificially inflate your numbers. This practice violates the Terms of Service of every social network and works against your success as a musician.

Below are the Top 8 reasons NOT to buy fans:

1) Fake fans won’t help you get a record deal. Labels are wise to the ways of scammers. If your band does not have an organic buzz, all of the imaginary Myspace “fans” in the world won’t make a difference.

2) Bots are illegal. The use of bots is in violation of the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Terms of Service and wrecks these platforms for the real music fans, the ones you want to reach.

3) It’s fake, dude. If it was worth anything to have fake fans, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube would sell them directly. If it was an effective marketing tool, national brands would use their money to buy bots and instantly inflate their fan pages. They don’t, because it isn’t.

4) People who sell you fake fans don’t respect you. Companies that sell fake fans and followers are taking advantage of your ambition and cynically offering you something that’s useless. Don’t enrich people who do not respect you.

5) Fake fans buy nothing. Even your real fans don’t ALWAYS buy music or tickets to your shows, but fake fans? Make sure your marketing efforts are real or you are wasting time, effort and money.

6) Fake fans are friendless. If you make great music, your real fans will pass the news along to their friends. Fake fans can’t tell anyone anything.

7) Fake fans fool nobody. It is easy for a discerning eye to pick up on subtle clues that indicate an artist has used bots to boost their fan count. Don’t fool yourself into thinking no one can tell. They can.

8) Real fans come through for you. Fake numbers on a page do not support you and your music. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are awesome when you reach and engage real music fans authentically. A bot can’t give you feedback, compliments, money, loyalty or love.

If you can name one band who bought fake fans and got anything, and I mean anything, from them please drop me a line I would like to know


2 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Fans: The Top 8 Reasons You Should Not Buy Fans

  1. True points, but you’re missing the fact that many bands DO artificially inflate their numbers, and you have to keep up. Nowadays, a band isn’t taken seriously if they’re under 10k “fans” on facebook or twitter. It’s stupid, but that’s the way that program directors and label execs think – regardless of how talented you are, they won’t give you a second look if your numbers aren’t up to par.

    If you’re trying to move ahead in the industry, you need all the advantages you can take.

  2. I agree with Steve and the basic premise of the article however I can testify that articial fans/views/plays/numbers have helped me sell my bands music online and receive FM radio airplay worldwide. However I do not ‘buy’ the artificial fans and plays as its easy to do it yourself for free.
    When an artist has high numbers, it attracts real people to listen to an artist and decide if they like the artist well enough to become a ‘real fan’ and spend real money and spread the music to others. High artificial numbers act as a spotlight to propel an artist high in the charts where they are visible and people have the opportunity to listen and discover new music. Granted, if an artist doesn’t appeal to anyones musical taste then big numbers are indeed meaningless.
    However my band has gained thousands of real fans who buy our music and radio stations have discovered and played our music all because we as a band are highly visible on internet charts. Labels are interested in actual sales, not fan numbers alone and we got our real fans and have gone viral and we can thank artificial fans and numbers for getting us visibility for people to hear us and many like us, spead our music via blogs and email and buy our music.=)

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