Headliner.fm: How To Break Your Band

Last week, at the New Music Seminar our CEO, Mike More, gave a presentation about our site, and what makes it awesome.  You can see the whole thing here. Below is a summary of the presentation and some of the slides.
Music  has gone digital. Technological advances have made it radically less expensive for musicians to create awesome sounding albums with a lap top running pro tools and digitally distribute their music globally with a click of a mouse thanks to sites like TuneCore, CD Baby, and Itunes. However, when it comes to reaching new fans bands have few options that make any sense. The options that can provide scale and reach to millions of new fans are very expensive and the viral options, although good in the quality of fans you can reach, are slow and do not provide scale. So what’s a band to do? We created Headliner to help bands fill this void.

Bands have few very options for driving conversions at scale and reaching a broad new audiences for their music. Bands can buy Google or Facebook ads, but those options are very expensive and are inefficient at driving enough awareness to move the needle for them. Headliner offers a new way for bands to drive conversions. On Headliner the driver for awareness is your social capital (your current fans.) Headliner.fm  helps bands build relationships with new bands by harnessing the power of the social web enabling bands and artists to reach millions of new fans in an authentic way at a very low cost. Headliner helps bands drive the top part of the above conversion funnel without spending lots of cash.

Headliner.fm helps bands build their band to band social graph. The band to band social graph is what powers Headliner and makes it work so well. It’s a simple idea and provides bands a way to reach a large number of new fans in an authentic way. It’s much faster then the current viral promotions where you ask your fans to share with their friends.

Reaching fans on a large scale via cross promotion is not a new idea. In fact it works great both online and off line. But  in the  past it has been a marketing tactic mostly open to larger bands with very close relationships both musical and economically. You might says it was a closed door type of deal. There was no market to make this type of cross-promotion easy, simple and open to all.


Headliner takes the power of cross promotion on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the social web and makes it open to everyone, everywhere , anytime.


And it works

These are just a few of the slides from the presentation. If you would like to check out the rest of the presentation you can find it  here.