Headliner.fm Update: Best Analytics Ever

Our New Analytics. Each Bar Represents a Promotion.

Get The Big Picture

We just made an update to Headliner’s analytics that makes it easier than ever to track the success of your promotions. Now, instead of looking at each promotion individually you can view all of your promotions simultaneously. You can also view the combined totals of fans reached and bands who accepted your promotions at the top of the analytics page. Subscribed users can view how many clicks, retweets, likes and comments they have received across every promotion.

Down To The Smallest Detail

Want to know which promotions are working best? The new analytics also make it easier to view details about each promotion. You can easily visualize how each promotion stacks up in comparison to the rest by filtering by metrics such as fans reached, clicks, retweets and likes. You can also click on a bar to see details on an individual promotion. Our new analytics detail gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to see the big picture, and the power to see how each piece fits together down to the smallest detail.

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