Headliner.fm Tips: Using the URL Shortener

Headliner.fm helps artists reach new fans and get their music heard. When you create a promotion on Headliner.fm it is important to include a link so that fans who see the promotion can click on it and hear your music. Obviously inserting links makes sense, but why is it important to use the URL shortener rather than just copying and pasting a link directly into the promotion message? The most obvious reason is that URL’s contain a ton of characters so it makes sense to save valuable space for content by using the URL shortener.

You may be thinking “Can’t I just shorten the link in bit.ly and insert that instead?” Good question! Headliner.fm’s URL shortening service is in fact provided by bit.ly. However by using the URL shortener in the create a promotion screen you gain the ability to track all of your promotions using Headliner.fm’s detailed analytics. With Headliner’s analytics you can track every click, comment, like and retweet your promotions receive. And that is why using the URL shortener is important.