Headliner.fm Tips: Writing an Effective Promotion Message

Several factors influence whether promotions on Headliner.fm get accepted: Is your music something the band you are asking to promote is interested in? Does the band you’re asking accept lots of promotions or only a few? Is your message not just in readable English but interesting enough to send out to their fans?

Success on Headliner.fm depends on identifying bands who’ll accept your messages and sending them messages they’ll accept. Your ability to construct a great message is crucial to reaching new fans on Headliner.fm. So what constitutes a great message? Follow these tips to make friends and influence people:

  • Write your promotion messages in the third person: On Headliner.fm you are asking artists to send promotion messages to their fans. Fans will see the promotions as status updates from the band that accepts your message, rather than as coming from you. Instead of writing messages like “check me out on myspace” (which is incredibly confusing when it comes from someone else), write a message like: “Our friends (name of your band) just put a new song up on myspace. Check it out.”
  • Use @/ Retweet in promotions on Twitter: The retweet function creates a buffer between your acceptor and the tweet. They are relaying it to their audience, but it is obvious to their audience that the message was not written by them. This subtle distancing increases the chance that your promotion/ retweets will be be accepted. The @ function puts your twitter handle right into promotions encouraging Twitter users to visit your Twitter account and follow you.
  • Match the writing style of your messages to the writing style of your potential promoters. If the band has an Elizabethan air to their status updates, don’t send:: “ur gonna lik dis track.” Use logic, and make sure the messages you send fit the style of the artists promoting you.
  • If all else fails, try the suggested messages Headliner.fm provides. Five messages are located in the left side of the “create a promotion” tab.

Learning what works is a process that can’t be covered in one blog post. Try these tips, and I’ll be back with more

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