Top Headliners of the Year

Headliner launched less than a year ago and since it started tens of thousands of bands and artists have used Headliner to reach new fans. We poured through our data from 2010 to find 10 bands and artists who had notable success using Headliner.Here are 10 Bands/ Artists who have done excellent using Headliner to build their fan base.

  • Skyrocket Love New Fans Reached: 7,256,586 New Fans Gained: 4,534  Connections With New Bands: 2,161
  • Incolide New Fans Reached: 9,798,564 New Fans Gained: 301,369 Connections With New Bands: 1,804
  • SnowLX New Fans Reached: 7,524,988 New Fans Gained: 85,682  Connections With New Bands: 196
  • JSmooth New Fans Reached: 7,948,238 New Fans Gained: 14,249  Connections With New Bands: 647
  • Assassin New Fans Reached: 2,750,6467 New Fans Gained: 347,282 Connections With New Bands: 203
  • New Kingdom New Fans Reached: 8,846,367 New Fans Gained: 189  Connections With New Bands: 1,839
  • E : DJ New Fans Reached: 6,647,216 New Fans Gained: 1,591 Connections With New Bands: 2,469
  • Aron Lyrd New Fans Reached: 6,789,858 New Fans Gained: 2,283 Connections With New Bands: 1,510
  • Andrew P. New Fans Reached 6,773,231 New Fans Gained: 41,165 Connections With New Bands: 1,220
  • Lights Over Paris New Fans Reached: 6,353,100 New Fans Gained: 1,561  Connections With New Bands: 2,801

For just these 10 artists that is reach to over 60 million new fans reached, 700,000 new fans gained and connections with over 15,000 new artists.