4 Ways To Promote Your Music Online

So you’re a musician with great music. What comes next? There are tons of great bands no one knows about and thousands of well-written songs no one’s heard. How do you make sure your music reaches the people you want to reach? The truth is there is no single easy answer or fool proof plan that holds the key, but there are proven tactics that can make the odds more favorable. Here are four of the best ways to build buzz online:

1) Keep a Blog for your band: Blogging gives your band an outlet for new content and provides you with a stable online presence. Blogging sites like WordPress also provide bloggers with analytics packages, so you can track how many visits your blog receives and see what search terms are driving viewers to your blog. Many bands have benefited from taking advantage of available blogging tools. Los Angeles oddball rap group Odd Future Wolf Pack blew up last year in part because of their prescence on Tumblr. Blogging is free, only takes a small amount of time and is worth the effort.

2) Reach Out to Music Bloggers: Having your music featured on a prominent music blog can boost the recognition your band receives and make it easier to book shows. Hypebot did an excellent article about reaching out to music bloggers that you can check out here.

3) Trade Recommendations with Other Artists: Social networking provides an excellent environment to build connections with other independent bands. By collaborating with other musicians online, you can reach new fans and create relationships that extend far beyond the internet. Browse the websites of local venues to find bands who play in your area or use the geo-targeting feature on Headliner.fm to discover bands in any area. Once you’ve found and contacted some bands, try to get them to trade recommendations with you. By recommending each other via status updates, you’ll reach fans outside of your current fan base. Use Headliner.fm to schedule these recommendations in an organized manner.

4) Be Consistent on Social Networks: Consistency and creativity are the keys to using status updates. Some fans don’t like emails, but they won’t be turned off by a band that posts multiple status updates everyday, so make sure to post early and often. Keep your status updates clever and fun to read. Let your fans help you reach new audiences by offering free songs to anyone who retweets specific messages. Expand you reach exponentially by trading recommendations with other artists via Headliner.fm. Status updates are great way to engage with fans, but ultimately you want your fans checking out your content on other sites as well, so make sure to include relevant links whenever possible.