Coming Soon to Music

Since we launched we’ve received an extremely positive response from artists about our service. However, has always been missing something: music. has always provided links to music where artists can listen to the music of other artists, but it has never been possible to listen to music directly on our site. That is about to change.

We’ve teamed up with a well known music site to bring music streaming to Soon, you will be able to upload your music to our site and listen to the music of other artists directly on Streaming music on will condense the process of creating and accepting promotions. Instead of going to Myspace to listen to the music of a band that requested a promotion with you, you will be able to listen to their music right on our site.

Status updates posted via will also receive an upgrade. Soon, promotions posted to Facebook via will contain music, allowing music fans to listen to your music directly from the Facebook stream.

More information coming soon!

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