Headliner.fm Tips: How To Improve Your Rank

Bands on Headliner.fm are given ranks based on their activity on the site. A low rank denotes that a user has had success using Headliner.fm, with the ranking of 1 representing the site’s most successful user. Your rank is displayed at the top of the headliner.fm/exchange page. You can also see your rank and as well as names of bands/artists with ranks directly above and below you on the dashboard. Sometime in the future, Headliner will include a larger chart of the Top 100 artists.

So how do you improve your rank on Headliner.fm?

Rank is determined by two things: How many fans you reach overall and daily on the site and how many new connections you make with artists. A connection represents a new relationship with another band/artist. Every time you accept a new artist’s promotion or have your promotion accepted by a new artist that is a new connection.

In order to improve your rank, you need to create new promotions and reach new fans.

Connections are weighted heavily in the formula that determines rank, so it is important to select a large group of compatible artists when you are creating a promotion.

No action on Headliner can negatively effect your rank. When your rank worsens, it is because other artists have reached new fans or made new connections thereby improving their rank.

Hope that helps!

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