How To Find Bands To Promote With On Twitter, Facebook and Myspace

This is a repost of an article from Myspace’s ArtistHQ

Social networks are a great place to communicate with your fan base, and when used intelligently, they can also be a great place to expand your fan base. One of the most effective ways to reach new fans on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace is by trading recommendations with other artists via status updates. How do you find like minded artists who are interested in sharing your music with their fans? Follow these tips and you’ll reach thousands of new fans:

1) Find Bands in Your Area:

Building connections at the local level is extremely important. Befriending artists in your area can open doors and help you land gigs as an opening act. Look up bands who are playing local venues, and try to find some who would dig your music. Use location searches on Myspace and geo-targeting on to broaden your search

2) Discover Bands in Your Genre: Use search functions on Myspace and to locate bands within your genre. Concentrate on bands with fan bases of less than five thousand fans. Smaller bands are more likely to reciprocate cross promotions and usually have more reactive fan bases.

3) Build Connections:

After you have discovered a few artists whose fans you think would like your music, try contacting them. Use direct messaging on social networks or email to develop a rapport with like minded bands.

4) Trade Promotions: Once you’ve found and contacted some bands, try to get them to trade recommendations with you. By recommending each other via status updates, you’ll reach fans outside of your current fan base. Use to schedule these recommendations in an organized manner.

5) Keep Track of the Results: When other bands recommend you to their fans, make sure the message includes a unique shortened link. Track how many times that link is clicked on by using or’s analytics. Keep track of which promotions were the most successful, and try to duplicate that success.