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How To See Who Is Posting About You With


We added a new feature that lets you better visualize who posts your promotions, and where your promotions are on Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.

One of the best things about is the ability to track the success of your promotions. Now, besides just tracking metrics like clicks and retweets, lets you view your promotions in the Twitter, Facebook and Myspace streams of artists who have accepted them.

You can access this new, free, feature by going to the “My Promotions” tab and clicking the Analytics button on one of your completed promotions.

Clicking on one of the artists in the “Status Updates” box will bring you directly to where your promotion was posted on their Twitter, Facebook or Myspace.

Now, you can better visualize who accepted your promotions, and where your promotions are on Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.

Fun. X Case Study recently partnered with fun. and Nettwerk to promote the release of fun.’s video for “Walking the Dog” off of their debut album “Aim and Ignite.” Over the course of 6 weeks Headliner helped Nettwerk and fun. reach over 3.6 million rock fans and generate thousands of plays on the “Walking the Dog” video on youtube.  “With a large focus on artist development, Nettwerk is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to promote content discovery through authentic yet effective channels. gave us the opportunity to reach new audiences of targeted fans organically through the support of their band-to-band network. We see great opportunity in the cross marketing exchanges that the platform fosters,” says Brian Popowitz, Nettwerk Sr. Internet Marketer. Tips: How To Improve Your Rank

Bands on are given ranks based on their activity on the site. A low rank denotes that a user has had success using, with the ranking of 1 representing the site’s most successful user. Your rank is displayed at the top of the page. You can also see your rank and as well as names of bands/artists with ranks directly above and below you on the dashboard. Sometime in the future, Headliner will include a larger chart of the Top 100 artists.

So how do you improve your rank on

Rank is determined by two things: How many fans you reach overall and daily on the site and how many new connections you make with artists. A connection represents a new relationship with another band/artist. Every time you accept a new artist’s promotion or have your promotion accepted by a new artist that is a new connection.

In order to improve your rank, you need to create new promotions and reach new fans.

Connections are weighted heavily in the formula that determines rank, so it is important to select a large group of compatible artists when you are creating a promotion.

No action on Headliner can negatively effect your rank. When your rank worsens, it is because other artists have reached new fans or made new connections thereby improving their rank.

Hope that helps!

Top Headliners 11/19


Every week we like to put the spotlight on bands who have had success using in the last 7 days. Here are the Top Headliners this week.

1) Ms Diamon DJane Reached Over 756K Fans

2) Haelstrom Reached Over 670K Fans

3) E: DJ Reached over 427K Fans

4) Matt and Kim Reached Over 553K Fans

5) Jackson Harris Reached Over 337K Fans

Twitter May Make Influence Scores Public

Ashton Kutcher has a ton of followers on Twitter, but how influential is he really? For that matter, how influential is anyone on Twitter? Sites like Klout have built small businesses providing educated, imperfect answers to that question, but a definitive influence score may be on its way. Yesterday, former Twitter CEO Evan Williams revealed that Twitter assigns an influence score to every user on the system, data they use to determine who gets a “who you should follow” spot. According to Williams, the company has long debated whether or not to make those scores public, and they could become available sometime in the future.