Using Email Lists and Status Updates to Spread Your Music

This article is a repost from Myspace Artist HQ

Email lists and status updates are two of the most useful tools for online promotion available to artists. Artists who are serious about promoting their music should be acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of both mediums. Here’s what you need to know:

Email Lists

Strengths/ Weaknesses: Email lists give you high click through rates. Everyone on your email list is there for a reason: they have a genuine interest in your music. Because of their interest, they will be receptive to your emails. However, email lists are not a perfect tool. People don’t like receiving too many emails from anyone; this means you are limited to creating a couple emails a month at most. Email lists also have limited reach. They are a great way to communicate with your fans but can’t be used to reach new fans.

How to: Grow your email list by passing around a sign-up sheet at live shows and by giving fans free music online in exchange for their emails. Don’t create overly elaborate emails. Instead, limit your text to a single call to action. Want to promote a show, your new music video, a new song and your new website redesign all at the same time? Don’t! Instead, make one goals the focal point of your email and save the rest for later.

Status Updates

Strengths and Weaknesses: Status updates have amazing potential reach. By having fans and artists recommend you to their fans on social networks, you can reach thousands of fans outside of your current base. Status updates also allow you to post many times everyday without annoying your fans.

How To:
Consistency and creativity are the keys to using status updates. Unlike emails, fans won’t be turned off by a band that posts multiple status updates everyday, so make sure to post early and often. Keep your status updates clever and fun to read. Let your fans help you reach new audiences by offering free songs to anyone who retweets specific messages. Expand you reach exponentially by trading recommendations with other artists via Status updates are great way to engage with fans, but ultimately you want your fans checking out your content on other sites as well, so make sure to include relevant links whenever possible.

Conclusions: Email lists and status updates are both invaluable tools for emerging artists. Email lists are great for communicating with your existing fan base about special offers, but must be used sparingly to avoid turning your fans off with a barrage of messages. In contrast, status updates allow you to communicate with fans in real time in a non-intrusive, organic, manner. Both email lists and Status updates have their place in the toolbox of online promotion, but both must be used intelligently to be effective.