Headliner.fm Tips:How To Earn Extra Band Bucks

There are several ways to gain Band Bucks on Headliner.fm: by accepting promotions, by successfully inviting other bands to join Headliner and by subscribing to a Pro account. In addition to the conventional ways to earn Band Bucks you also earn a sizable bonus after every 10th promotion you accept. The bonus ranges from 1,000 Band Bucks to 10,000 Band Bucks depending on the size of your band. We built this feature for small bands. The bonus allows small bands, who accept promotions, to reach larger groups of new fans than they would ordinarily be able to by giving them more Band Bucks than they could otherwise earn.

You can keep track of the number of additional promotions you need to accept to earn a bonus in the “Get Band Bucks” tab.