Which Type of Headliner.fm Promotion is Right For You?

When we started Headliner.fm, we only provided one type of promotion. You could search for artists you wanted to promote with and select them. Recently, we’ve added two new types of promotions: Express and Set and Forget. Which type of promotion is right for your next campaign? Read below and find out.

STANDARD PROMOTIONS: The “standard” promotion was the original Headliner.fm promotion type. When you go to the Create a Promotion tab in Headliner.fm, this is the type of promotion you create.

Strengths: Standard Promotions are the most targeted. You can search for bands individually based on their genre, and if you are a Pro user, you can search for bands based on their location.

Weaknesses: Standard Promotions are time consuming because you have to select each band individually. Also, compared to other forms of promotion, Standard Promotions have slightly lower acceptance rates.

Best Use: A Standard Promotion is great for creating promotions with one or two bands you know personally and who are eager to accept your promotion message.

EXPRESS PROMOTIONS: Express Promotions work by finding artists who are likely to enjoy your music and share  your music with their fans. The system sifts through bands based on genre, size, similarities of fan base and our acceptance data.

Strengths: Express promotions are easier to use than standard promotions; they save you time by generating a list of artists to promote with automatically.

Weaknesses: Express Promotions are easier to use than standard promotions, but they are not as targeted. They also lack the reach and acceptance rates of Set and Forget promotions.

SET AND FORGET: Set and Forget sends your promotion request to every artist in a genre you select.  The promotion lasts for thirty days and appears any time an artist has an open promotion slot– guaranteeing a higher acceptance rate.

Strengths: Set and Forget is the easiest way to use promotions on Headliner.fm. They also have the largest reach and the highest acceptance rates.

Weaknesses: Set and Forget promotions are not quite as targeted as Standard Promotions, and (unlike a Standard Promotion) it is not possible to search for artists based on location.

Despite not being quite as targeted as Standard Promotions can be, we have found that Set and Forget generally yields the best results. Set and Forget generates the greatest reach and has the highest acceptance rates. What type of promotion is right for you? That depends on your goals. For most bands, Set and Forget is the most effective.

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