Twitter Study On Influence Yields Surprising Results

Twitter celebrities like Shaq, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber have millions of followers. Conventional wisdom would suggest that with millions of followers comes influence on grand scale, but a new study from Northwestern University casts doubts on that theory. The study, carried out by Northwestern professor Alok Choudhary and graduate student Ramanathan Narayanan, postulates that most twitter celebrities have their tweets largely ignored by followers and that celebrity tweeters are most likely to have their opinion listened to when it comes in their field of expertise. I have always believed that, even on social media, people are more influenced by their peers than by celebrities. This study is more proof that a big following doesn’t always equal big influence.

On Headliner, bands and artists with large fan bases don’t always have the promoting power you would expect. It is usually more effective to promote with a group of smaller artists than it is to promote with one or two large artists. Ultimately, Headliner is about reach, but it is also about engagement. Bands with smaller fan bases usually have more engaged fans.

More info and a link to the study here.

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