Mashable’s 10 Twitter Tips for Musicians

Twitter is one of the best marketing tools available to bands. Twitter removes middlemen, connecting bands directly to their fans 140 characters at a time. Although not as widespread in usage among bands as Myspace, Twitter is rapidly gaining recognition as a must have tool for musicians who want to promote themselves online. Mashable surveyed a slew of musicians ranging from Arcade Fire to Hanson about how they use Twitter to connect with fans. The result is a top 10 list of tips every musician who owns a computer should read. What are Mashable’s top 10 tips?

  1. Build a fan base.
  2. Collaborate
  3. Trade a Tweet For A Track
  4. Get Your Fans To Promote  You
  5. Have A Personality
  6. Organize An Aftershow
  7. Retain Your Indepence
  8. Share Photos
  9. Have A Contest
  10. Keep Up With Tech Trends

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