Headliner.fm Tips: Rejecting Promotions

One of our goals at Headliner.fm is to help artists connect with artists they like. We are constantly tweaking our site to help match artists with artists they would to recommend to their fans. However, there will always be a few promotion requests that go to the wrong people, bands and artists who are not a good fit for the promotion.

One way to help us match you with bands/artists you will like is to reject promotions from bands/artists you don’t like. When you ignore a promotion, rather than rejecting it, we have no way of knowing if you saw it or not. Rejecting promotions allows us to collect data on which artists you like and which artists you don’t like. Rejecting promotions means more targeted promotions and a better experience for you.

You can reject promotions by hovering your mouse over a promotion request and clicking the x in the corner