New Features: Set and Forget

As you may have noticed, we made some changes to late last night. We are constantly working to improve the way connects bands with fans and are happy to introduce the following features:

Set and Forget: We know your time is valuable. That’s why we created Set and Forget, a new type of promotion that saves you time by sending your request to every artist in a genre you select.  The promotion lasts for thirty days and appears any time an artist has an open promotion slot, guaranteeing a higher acceptance rate. Less time setting up promotions means more time making music, that’s why Set & Forget makes perfect sense.

Set and Forgot Promotion As it Appears in’s Chart: A few weeks ago we added some new metrics to, including rank. Yesterday, we added a chart that shows you where you stand in those rankings. You can view Headliner’s chart on the dashboard. We plan on adding more charts in the future, so stay tuned. Rank

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