Headliner.fm Interviews: The Lighthouse and The Whaler

The Lighthouse and The Whaler

Whenever I find an independent band I really like on Headliner I try to interview them. The Lighthouse and The Whaler was one such band that caught my ear. The Cleveland based group makes beautifully crafted indie-folk songs with intricate instrumentation and intelligent lyrics. This is a band that deserves a lot more recognition and they if keep releasing solid tunes I would not be surprised if they become a lot more well known. You can check out their site here. Here is a brief interview I did with band where they talk about Cleveland, their influences and some of their favorite places to play.

How would you guys describe your sound?
Indie pop in a folk wrapper.
What do you think about Cleveland’s music scene and have you ever thought of moving to a bigger city?
Cleveland’s music scene has been growing over the last few years and there are a lot of good bands emerging from the scene here. A lot of people overlook Cleveland, but there is a lot happening here that people aren’t aware of. We have thought about moving to another city before, but we’ve done really well in Cleveland and we’ve been able to tour both coasts so, for us, being in Cleveland has been an advantage.
Besides yourselves, who are your favorite up and coming bands?
Tallahassee, a band from Rhode Island, and Typefighter, a band from Washington, D.C..
What is your favorite venue to play and why?
The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland is a phenomenal venue. We’ve played all over the country, and it truly is one of the best venues we’ve been privileged to play at.
How has your approach to making music changed in the time you guys have been together?
We’ve definitely grown as songwriters since we started. The process in which we use to write music has evolved as the chemistry in the band has become stronger. We’re big on collaboration and most of the band members play a big part in the writing process.
How did you guys end up signing up for Headliner?
We thought it would be a good way to get more fans into our network.
Musically who are your biggest influences?
The influences in the band vary depending on the member, but we can agree on a few like Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead and The National.
You guys keep a pretty detailed blog on tumblr. What made you decide to start one and how do you decide what to put on it?
We thought creating a blog would help people to get to know us better. We want people to feel like they are on this journey with us so we put up things that, hopefully, allow them to see who we are when were not on stage.
You guys have opened for some pretty big names. Of all the shows you have played which has been your favorite?
It’s a tie between opening for The Temper Trap at The House of Blues in Cleveland or playing at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This question is actually the subject of much debate between band members.

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