Using the New Headliner

As you may have noticed, Headliner’s layout has changed. Several features have been moved, and several new features have been added. We made the changes to improve the user experience on Headliner, but we understand that it might be confusing the first time you use it.

Here’s a run down of all the changes:

New Features:

More Targeted Promotions:
We listened to our users and changed our system to make it easier for bands/artists to connect with like-minded musicians. We changed our system by limiting promotion requests to artists within your genre. Now, you will only receive promotion requests from artists whose music is in the same genre as your own.

Headliner's New Metrics: Rank, Total New Reach and Connections

Headliner now displays three new metrics: Rank, Total Fan Reach, and Connections.

Rank: Your Rank is your standing on Headliner compared to other users. Rank is determined by success on with factors including: activity on Headliner, fans reached and connections made. The most successful band/artist will be ranked number 1. Reaching new fans on Headliner will improve your rank.

Total Fan Reach: Total Fan Reach is the combined reach of every promotion you have created on Headliner. Total Fan Reach represents the number of music fans you have reached through Headliner.

Connections: Connections measures your interactions with other bands on Headliner. Every time you accept a promotion or another band accepts your promotion that is a connection made.

Moved Features:

The Account Settings Button has been moved from the main navigation bar to the top navigation bar.

The Social Network Breakdowns have been moved. The breakdowns of your fan base by Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, and the graph of your social networks over time are now located in the Social Networks Tab.

We believe these new features will greatly improve your experience on our site. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me at